Little Dragon, you can’t say that. You know we do ghost stories, but it’s always true. Believe this, you know better than we do. Black often looks at my face and says cautiously.

Hey, hey, you two know me quite well, but I still can’t go. I don’t believe you. You’re both ghosts. What’s so rare about telling a lie? I’m not stupid. Of course, I’m not going to die. My birthday has really reached the palace of hell, and it’s not a chopping block.
I know these two kids are afraid of me, and I know they can’t stand me sitting in bed and watching them in an ostentatious manner. I’m here, and my life is here. If you want, come and get it yourself.
Gangster Chang Ke Nai looked at me, and after two people had a small discussion, they often gathered in Bai Chang’s ear and said something, and Bai Chang turned around and walked through the door.
I frowned slightly. I don’t know what the hell these two guys are up to.
I can’t help but be vigilant in my heart, saying that these two guys have been doing ghosts for so long, and they are living in human beings. Is there any good idea?
You let Bai Chang go. Aren’t you afraid of being alone and me? I deliberately tested Heichang.
We also know that you don’t meddle in the water, don’t you? I haven’t done anything to you now. You can’t deal with me for no reason, can you? You are so bold that you dare to walk up to me without changing your face, but no matter how pale his white face is, it’s just like that. I don’t know if his heart beats faster.
I said that if I haven’t seen Brother Black for a few days, will your courage get bigger?
Black Chang has come to my bedside and sat down. I praised him for showing off in an ostentatious manner. Of course, I’m not a coward. I’m a hungry ghost. My stomach is small and my courage is not small.
Only then did I know that Laihei Chang was a starving ghost. No wonder this guy was always attracted by food when he first saw him.
I can’t help but be surprised when I look at the black and white. What was this black and white whispering just now? I was so afraid that I was suddenly not afraid of me. White often left, and I was not in a hurry to let me go to hell.
I thought that Bai Chang suddenly came back and had something in his hand. To be exact, it should be regarded as a soul. Everyone has three souls and seven spirits, but Bai Chang has a fine spirit in his hand.
My heart was shocked. I saw that spirit turned out to be Lin Sheng.
I understand that this black and white often tries to threaten me with this trick. No wonder the black often shows off in an ostentatious manner in front of me.
What do you two want? I asked warily, Lin Sheng’s birthday should not be over yet. You have taken away his spirit. You have violated the regulations on underground works, right?
Hei Chang looked at me, hey hey, laughed, and then said, if we can’t take Xiao Long Ye away, we have to be punished. We can’t stand Xiao Long Ye, so it’s good to find someone familiar with Xiao Long Ye to suffer with us.
I don’t have to gnash my teeth again. Looking at black and white often means risking my life this time. I don’t have the heart to think that Lin Sheng tearfully said that my grandfather and I were dead and regretted being stupid. This article should have lost my life and let Lin Sheng sacrifice his own life.
After all, I followed black and white often, and black and white often pulled my soul away before I let Lin Sheng’s soul go.
Black and white often say that because I’m not dead, I can’t see the way to the grave. Take the quick black cloth and cover my eyes.
Although I can’t see anything, I’m happy to hear from these two guys that I’m not dead yet, which means that the devil is really not here to kill me. I said, I don’t want to go to the grave yet. I’ll just take a walk outside
I think it’s great. What’s the walk to hell? It’s as bumpy as the countryside in the tens of years. I always feel like I’m stepping in a puddle, but I’m blindfolded. It’s dark in front of me. If I wasn’t supported by two ghosts, I’m really afraid I’d be killed alive.
In my heart, this is the way to die. Isn’t this cheat people? Is the hell on the moon? I thought to myself, it must be hard to build a road, and I have no money
I don’t know how long I’ve been gone, but fortunately, ghosts won’t be tired, otherwise I really think I’m exhausted, and I can’t help feeling sorry for black and white.
I have nothing to talk about when I’m chatting. I said, two ghosts, I’ve always been here, and it won’t be difficult to walk. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to walk. It’s really hard for you two to survive all these years. Perseverance is so perseverance. I really admire it
Yes, I don’t even know how I got through it. Well, I come and go on this road every day, Black often said.
Little Dragon, it’s not that we don’t talk about people. You should know by now what we are threatening you. We’ve been doing this for so many years, and it’s really necessary to leave the opportunity. Don’t worry, we’ve done it. We all admire Little Dragon. He didn’t lie to you. The former terrifying wanted to kill you very much, but this time the terrifying did want to discuss something with you. We dare to make sure that Bai often got back together.
Talking with Black and White Chang all the way, I gradually learned that Black Love Chang and his two guys are not evil spirits, but they are kind and easy to get along with, and they can be friends if there is no conflict of interest.
In a short time, I became very intimate with Black and White.
Black and white often tell me a lot about their work, mostly about what kind of tricks they encounter, and when they say it, they will bring it to my head.
I didn’t know that black and white always admired me.
Bai often talks about himself and secretly hopes that he can be as good as me as a ghost, so it is easier to get up when it is difficult to play tricks.
I said with a smile, it seems that it’s really hard to do the ghost difference. You’ve been hooking people’s souls and prestige, and there’s a lot of bitterness behind them. I patted my chest and said, two big brothers, if you have any trouble, don’t come to me. Maybe I can handle those difficult tricks.
Brother Long, you said it, but it’s really a black and often exciting sound.
Of course, I’m serious. I’m never joking. I promised you something, that is, I promised to come back to me if I didn’t die. You can rest assured to come to me, I vowed