Since then, Xu Shao has taken root in Qinglian.

The next day, the two of them got up early in Wulong Mountain to teach them martial arts. The most important understanding of Qinglian martial arts is that they understand it overnight, which is better than others’ hard work for decades. Those who are less qualified are afraid that the next generation will not be able to touch it. Xu Shao’s qualification is naturally rare to see Lan Fenghuang, but it is also a day when he can’t pick one out. Good Miaowu Leshan has made two people practice some basic moves frequently.
The Qinglian Sect has always had few brothers, but it has always been a double heart to accept the younger brother and master. Both of them have made a little progress. Wu Leshan can see that they are a little lazy and can’t hide it from Wu Leshan’s eyes. Xu Shao has a lot of homework every day, and he has a good understanding and Ma Rihao’s lightness skill to learn. He can’t learn anything. Wu Leshan teaches him fist and fist, and he can learn it as soon as possible.
Lan Fenghuang’s qualification is a little worse than Xu Shao’s, but the gap is a lot. Often Xu Shao takes an hour and Lan Fenghuang has to learn for half a day. In fact, if two people learn something about Nanhua Beiyue Kung Fu, the progress is not much different, but they just learned this violet martial arts school and then showed the gap.
So after nearly two years, both of them made great efforts, especially Xu Shao, and Wu Leshan was so happy that he took two people to Bohaige. Although Bohaige was not big, there were many martial arts classics. It was the machine trap in the forbidden area of the Violet Sect that was so fierce that Leshan took the opportunity to let two people in.
The rule of the Qinglian Sect is that the disciples choose their own martial arts according to the guidance of the master. The Qinglian Sect is rich in martial arts, and most of them are outstanding, and the fist, fist, swordsmanship and lightness skill are even more famous. Seven of them are called the seven wonders of Qinglian, and the magic palm cultivated by Wu Leshan is one of them.
The Violet Sect’s art of using saber is not long. Xu Shao turned over several pieces, which are not as exquisite as the dream art of using saber, so he no longer has the slightest intention to concentrate on practicing his dream art of using saber. After watching several pieces of martial arts, he turned several corners in Bohai Pavilion, and finally came to the front of the Violet Seven-Piece Frame, thinking that the palm of Wu Leshan Fantasy was envious than reaching for it.
I was about to leave, but now there is a thick ancient book next to me with the words "Proud Violet"
Xu Shao looked at it, but now there are actually many music scores. I don’t know if there is a problem. The proud violet here is actually quite different from the violet sword fairy, but it has the same mystery.
With some strange words written on it, Xu Shao naturally knew that those were a flute score when he was a child, but how could there be a score in this violet four-line? Xu Shaoxin was curious and took it in his hand, so he went out of Bohai Pavilion.
When I went out, I saw that Lan Fenghuang chose five characters that read "Sichuan Women’s Double Swords", presumably because one made the double sword violet send the female predecessors to stay.
He took two delighted former Wulong Mountain, and now he holds it in his hand. The proud violet is delighted to tunnel, "Xu Shao, you really have a good eye and took my violet four-line."
Xu Shao never imagined that this humble turned out to be violet martial arts with wide eyes at the moment.
Wu Leshan beat him to it. "Since you are determined to learn, you can’t give up halfway." Then he went to the mountain on cloud nine.
The next day, Wu Leshan granted Xu Shaocai to know what the proud violet was.
It turns out that there is a taboo when practicing kung fu, that is, even if it is gradual, it is difficult to avoid mistakes. Moreover, if it is really gradual, I am afraid that this generation will never become a master in practicing kung fu, so many people will take risks and take the initiative, so one will die of being possessed, the other will open up a new world, and the third will be to practice a set of evil skills.
Among these possibilities, I’m afraid that the first one is much more important. If it’s impossible to get rid of the habit, it’s almost impossible. However, the Violet Sect has found a martial arts wizard who has found the right music theory and is ingenious in adjusting the interest rate through D Xiao’s injection.
If the interest rate is slightly lower, you can play the D flute with your fingers, and naturally you can go back to the right direction along the flute. There are many musical instruments, but in terms of Qinglian Sect, D flute is the most suitable for flute syllables, which is rich and melodious, which is in line with the essence of Qinglian Sect.
Although these principles are simple, it is extremely difficult to find a unique melody to match the work. If one note is wrong, the meridians will be broken and the martial arts will be wasted. However, the pride of Violet will be much faster without the fear of being possessed, and it will be much faster than taking the Xuanmen work.
That’s why Aoshi Violet is so difficult to learn. The music score is gradually increasing. There are more than 200 music scores on each floor, and there are seven floors. There are hundreds of changes in each music score, and there are thousands of changes.
Because of the breathtaking practice, anything can happen, which is far beyond people’s expectation, and because of the work, every piece of music is weird and difficult to remember, but Xu Shao has a good memory, but he has to spend a lot of time
In this process, Xu Shao knew the danger, so he opened his eyes and remembered the changes clearly. If there were a few mistakes, this generation would be inseparable from wheelchairs. In addition to practicing, more than 1,400 music scores were needed, and the rest were used to heal the wounds, drive away poison and restore health. A total of more than 1,000 music scores were added up.
Since the proud violet is the medium of flute, this achievement can not be separated from the flute for a generation. How many violet disciples are poor and may not be able to recite these nearly 2,000 sheets of music all their lives.
When practicing Aoshi Violet, you should be absolutely quiet when playing this flute. According to the law of notes, if there is any noise, you will be paralyzed on the spot. Fortunately, if you have to endure the third level of work, you will have a great foundation. Then you don’t have to worry about any external influence.
Aoshi Violet has less worries about being possessed, so it is less dangerous to combine Yin and Yang. Aoshi Violet is not pure Yang work, but 20% Yin and Yang work. Therefore, this kind of work is not only strong but not inferior to Yang work, and its stamina is much too good. The so-called solitary Yang is not born. This yin and cold qi in the body promotes the continuous deepening of work and conforms to the principle of combining rigidity with softness.
Only after 40 years, Wu Leshan devoted himself to the magic of D Xiao. Only now did he have a small success. It was not because of his poor understanding, but because he missed the best age of cultivation. So he was particularly concerned about Xu Shao. It was really exhausting to recite this music score. Xu Shao was dizzy all day long. If Wu Leshan hadn’t encouraged and urged him, he would have given up halfway. Every day, Xu Shao recited the music score with peace of mind, but Lan Fenghuang practiced hard. The Sichuan female flying sword also practiced analog.
It’s been a year in an instant. When Xu Shao was fourteen years old, the proud violet didn’t reach the third floor. I don’t worry about the outside interference. Wu Leshan sighed in my heart. This proud violet magic also sighed that Xu Shao’s progress was great. It is natural for Xu Shao to enter the country and Ma Rihao to get through the governor’s second pulse.
However, the advantages and disadvantages of Wu Leshan are clear in his heart. Xu Shaoshen is not without practicing martial arts, but is imprisoned. Now it is tantamount to learning martial arts again.
Xu Shao’s understanding and artistic conception are all needed now, but it’s just to rebuild his skill.
This second pulse is the most difficult link in practicing martial arts. When Xu Shao was imprisoned, Ma Rihao spent a lot of money to get through his veins. It turned out to be Xu Shaotian’s great adventure, but there is also a difficulty in this. It is really difficult in practicing martial arts, but this difficulty requires practitioners to get through on their own when the foundation of martial arts is deep, which is in line with the right direction.
Xu Shao’s pulse was not pure in qi and had no foundation. After that, the cultivation skill was much faster, but the result was that the qi was more than pure and thick, but not dense. Worse still, Ma Rihao failed in the last link when he passed the second pulse, so Xu Shao did not benefit from it, but suffered from it. Wu Leshan sighed in his heart that Ma Rihao had done bad things despite his good intentions.
He has been preparing Dan yao for Xu Shao all these years, but the effect is not as good as his own step by step. Xu Shao knows that he is ill and he is always grateful to Ma Rihao.
Ma Rihao’s understanding of his governor’s second pulse has consumed his body. Where can he complain if he admires Xu Shao? Besides, if Ma Rihao hadn’t arrived at the third floor of Aoshi Violet, it would have been a whole year late. Even if the true qi is not pure now, he has already avoided the danger. This is a great favor.
Xu Shao was much faster than the original because he got through the second pulse of the governor, which made Wu Leshan feel relieved.
Xu Shao, an ordinary fighter, is a man who once entered Shinto and then rebuilt it. This kind of malpractice will naturally disappear with the spirit of cultivation.
After the proud violet has gone through the third floor, she will naturally stop worrying. Xu Shao spends the rest of her two hours practicing the art of using saber and flying saber. Needless to say, it’s always slow to enter the country. Xu Shao knows that violet’s work and his family’s saber are not the same way. Since it’s home, where can I throw it away?