"Despicable-!" Auditions thundered, "You and I will bend … The Phoenix clan is a militant race by nature. If you Wu clan are determined to fight, we will continue."

"auditions so I Ba Du is not that kind of unreasonable person, if you promise to come with me, I won’t give you trouble" Ba Du suddenly said.
"What do you mean?" Tianyin said coldly
"It’s very simple …" Ba Du said. "In order to find Yu Long as soon as possible, I have to have a hostage in my hand and you are a good choice.
You come with me and I’ll let the news out. Yu Long is your son-in-law. I believe he won’t care whether you live or die. Otherwise, let’s fight … "
"Do you keep your word?" Tianyinshen asked
"Of course-!" Ba Du sneered, "My goal is Yu Long, not Fengzu. Don’t worry, I won’t give you a hard time unless I have to."
"I’ll go with you-!" Auditions nodded coldly.
Hearing the news, Yao and Jinfeng stopped in front of Ba Du. Yao looked murderous. "Ba Du, you dirty dog, why should we believe you?"
Jinfeng said to her mother, "Mother, don’t believe Ba Du’s words. This person is mean, sinister and cunning. You must be careful if you can’t believe his words."
"Well, I know …" Auditions said, "Phoenix girl, after I left, I’ll leave the colorful palace to you. I have something important to discuss with your aunt Yao."
"Mother, are you still going to go with him?" Jinfeng looked worried. "Don’t go to the big things. Let’s carry them together."
"No-!" Tianyin said simply, "Feng girl, we are the root of the Feng family to compete with the witch god Ba Du … Besides, there may be more powerful NPC magical powers behind him. I smell the breath of the Force in him, although it is very weak, but it is the Force."
"Mother, do you mean that the extraterrestrials colluded with him?" Jin Fengqi said, "How is that possible? Didn’t Ba Du always want to attack the outer world? "
"I don’t know the details, but I’m sure he has cultivated the Force to ensure the safety of the Phoenix family. I can be a hostage. I hope Xiaoyu can come back soon." Tianyin told me, "If he is less than sure, let him save me. If he is not sure, let him guard the Phoenix family."
"Mother …" Jin Fengyin choked.
"Phoenix girl, stop talking. I have to do this. Don’t choose." Tianyin interrupted her daughter and said, "I don’t choose after being a phoenix."
"Auditions I’ll go for you. You can’t leave after you are a phoenix family" ~ Yao turned to Auditions and said, "Listen to me, you go back …"
"Yao, I’m not interested in you. Go away …" Ba Du laughed. "I’ll give you one month, three months. If Yu Long doesn’t show up, it’s my slave in Ba Du. Only in this way can we quell the war between the witch and the phoenix. Are you still willing?"
"I am willing to-!" Tianyin gritted his teeth and said, "Ba Du, you will pay the price today. Xiaoyu will come back to settle accounts with you sooner or later."
"Ha ha-!"
Ba Du disdain sneer at "very well, I wish Yu Long could appear now, then I’ll save more trouble, and your phoenix family will be fine."
"Let’s go …" Ba Du’s cold drink combined with Wuli was put outside to distort the auditions and the two figures disappeared in the same place at the same time …
Then XuanMing and Wu warriors also disappeared one by one.
Ba Du sounded in the air, "Remember that if Yu Long doesn’t show up in three months, his mother-in-law will become my slave in Ba Du … haha …"
Jinfeng anxiously asked Yao, "Aunt Yao, do you know where Xiaoyu is? We must find him as soon as possible or mother will be in danger. "
"Hey-!" Yao sighed and said, "Xiaoyu’s whereabouts are even known by your mother?"
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Chapter VI Chapter 41 Well, it’s just in time
Witch god Ba Du and auditions figure after wu clan headquarters witch god Ba Du suddenly laughed "auditions auditions, auditions, you come to Yu Long, I will let you go? You are so naive. "
Tianyin was slightly surprised. After glancing at the surrounding environment, she stared at Ba Du, the witch god who was laughing wildly. "What do you want to do?"
"Gaga ….." Witch Ba Du left face upwards to laugh wildly. "My eyes are very simple to eliminate Yu Long auditions, so you must have sensed the fluctuation of my body, right? I won’t tell you the truth. I’ve got the practice of the Force, and I’ve also got the favor of the top leaders in the world. If you can follow me, I can give you this practice. "
"Why should I believe you?" Tianyin laughed angrily. "Ba Du, you are so bad. Do you think I will believe you?"
"Ha ha, don’t you want all the Phoenix warriors to practice the Force?" Ba Du, the witch god, kept staring at the woman’s cheek with a pair of shameful eyes when they spoke. "The Force is the most qualitative force in this world …"
"I’ll wait for Xiaoyu to come back and take me away" auditions bit his lip and said.
"Very well, I also hope that Xiao can find me as soon as possible, so I also have a good explanation." Ba Du Shen said, "Tianyin tells you the truth, it’s not me who really wants Yu Long’s life, but it’s a tour of Tianyuan. By the way, you don’t necessarily know Tianyuan that Tianyuan is no ordinary tour. It is said that he once competed with the blood baby emperor for the title of Tianwaitian, but he failed to repair it. Even if Long Yu has another big event, it can’t be Tianyuan’s opponent. Hehe, Yu Long will appear. He will die. I look
"How is it legal?" Auditions asked.
"Help me kill Yu Long. This is the only effective way for you to show your sincerity to me." Ba Du laughed. "From now on, I will be the patron saint of your phoenix family to protect your phoenix family."
"Ha ha-!"
Tianyin sneered and said, "Don’t dream. I won’t fight with you, a demon. I firmly believe Xiaoyu will take me out of here."
"Whatever you say … I have a good time." Ba Du laughed. "You will change your mind in a few days. This is a forbidden area around the witch residence. I hope you don’t wander around without my permission."
"Hum!" Auditions cold hum a "you plot will not succeed … I will stick to my faith …"
On the third day after Ba Du left, Xingtian, the ancestral witch, suddenly appeared in front of Tianyin. He didn’t seem ashamed of Ba Du, but he also said that he wouldn’t forget his identity. He was always an ancestral witch. He hoped Tianyin could tell him where Yu Long had gone. He was eager to fight Yu Long.
"You can’t find him …" Auditions around felt a breath of the Force, and there was no doubt that Ba Du, the witch god, was hidden nearby.
"I can’t find a place in the Three Realms …" Xingtian said, "I don’t have any prejudice against you and I don’t have any ambitions. I hope I can compete with him."
Tianyin chuckled and said, "To tell you the truth, Xiaoyu has gone to another world. When he comes back, none of you will be his opponent."
"Ha ha-!" Xingtian immediately smiled, "The stronger Long Yu is, the more I like it … My favorite in Xingtian’s life is the powerful opponent Feng Hou. I ask you that you are telling the truth."