Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know what kind of family Yelv’s family is. I think it should be similar to the family of cultivating immortals in the Song Dynasty. However, if a master of cultivating immortals in a family of cultivating immortals in the Song Dynasty, it is simply to make people dare not look straight up, but what Yelv’s family sounds probably higher than the family of cultivating immortals in the Song Dynasty. I don’t know how many levels it is. Just look at the four servants of cultivating immortals in the Song Dynasty, and Guo Xiaosi can judge that the family strength is afraid to be similar to that of Chang Huai Zong. The strength of a family of cultivating immortals in Qidan is actually so strong that the force of cultivating

The Lord of Yelv doesn’t care about marveling at one side, but beckons a servant to send Lingshi, and then recruits three other people to the side to visually observe the three people as soon as they return to normal, while the three people silently nod and turn away.
Guo Xiaosi, however, can’t guess what they are going to do. He has spent more than 100 intermediate Lingshi, which is really a big eye-opener. He also went upstairs with the crowd, and quickly walked to Izumi Ridge, and then touched Qi Boyuan to give him Lingcuiyu. He gently threw Lingcuiyu forward and read aloud.
See a small feather dangling leisurely floating in front of him three paces away, and suddenly it becomes many times bigger. Like a big blanket, Guo Xiaosi stepped over and simply sat down to move her mind. Ling Cuiyu suddenly flew forward.
However, the speed of Guo Xiaosi dagger is amazing compared with that of Ling Cuiyu. Moreover, it is different to control the dagger. The wind in four miles can’t blow his face, but it won’t blow his face, and his eyes can stare at the world better.
Enjoy the flying like a gust of wind, Guo Xiaosi, only to figure out that I haven’t seen Xiaobai for a month. Touch some Dan medicine in the leather bag and turn to fly in the direction of Huai River to feed Xiaobai Dan medicine, that is, let it grow up quickly or make yourself a loyal and reliable partner. People in this world will change, but they will not.
Ling Cuiyu’s speed is really enjoyable. It took him three minutes to come to the old place by the Huai River on weekdays and waited for a moment. Xiaobai flew from the Huai River and his skin was a little dark, but it was even more vigorous. Seeing Guo Xiaosi, Xiaobai got up and quickly called two times and flew to Guo Xiaosi’s side.
Guo Xiaosi touched a few pills and stuffed them into his mouth. These pills are enough for Xiaobai to reach the state in a few years. It takes 30 years to reach the state. Guo Xiaosi doesn’t know if he can live for hundreds of years, so he must train Xiaobai as soon as possible so that he can get a good mount.
Well, Xiaobai should have a higher qualification than Luo Yangzhao’s Bai Linghu. Only a master like Luo Yangzhao deserves a mount like Bai Linghu, so he can have a mount like Xiaobai in the spinning period. Isn’t it enviable that Guo Xiaosi couldn’t help laughing at himself when he thought of this? It’s really worrying to wait until Xiaobai grows to thirty years, which means he often grows for hundreds of years. After thirty years, it is no problem to accidentally reach the Dan period.
It’s not a dazzling thing to have a white nu dumpling as a mount for a hundred years’ practice. It’s only after a thousand years that you can reach the strength of the Dan period, so you have to continue your practice and have the opportunity to wait until that day.
According to the current trend, Guo Xiaosi is in charge of the Taixu Temple in Changhuai Sect, and some good pills can be repaired at a higher speed than others, so as to cover up the demon soul platform.
After feeding Xiaobai Guo Xiaosi, it will take a month to see him because of this parting. I really miss this little guy Xiaobai, too. His head rubs against Guo Xiaosi’s cheek and barks a few times.
But it must come to an end. Guo Xiaosi patted it on the forehead and waved. Go ahead. I’ll come back to you in a month. You should be careful when you meet something fierce. Don’t fight it. Hide if you can.
Xiaobai blinked obediently, but suddenly she turned her head and her neck jumped up hard, and her eyes shone bright red.
What’s the matter? Guo Xiaosi is surprised. Is it just that the problem of Dan medicine has been calculated? Although these Dan medicines are a little uncomfortable, they should not matter much. After half a month, they can spread the medicine to all parts of the body, strengthen their bodies and help to increase their mana.
Xiao Bai screamed pointedly, and his head finally turned to a big stone on the left, looking like he was ready to move.
Guo Xiaosi is no stranger to this big stone. He once saw it when he beheaded the thousand-year-old dumpling. At this moment, he didn’t feel any change in this big stone. It still looks like a huge gray steamed bread. Guo Xiaosi suddenly thought of what treasures in this stone would be like Xiaobai. The spirit of heaven and earth must be very sensitive to natural materials and treasures. It felt that it had stayed here a little before. Why didn’t it be discovered at that time?
Guo Xiaosi jumped off the big rock and tried to split it, but suddenly he felt an aura.
He was surprised. This point is to cultivate immortality. Looking around the signs, he has cultivated immortality and a small white is such an angry dumpling. Isn’t the big stone face a cultivation?
Just thinking of this, I felt a shock in my feet. Guo Xiaosi quickly jumped back and went back to the first place. As soon as his feet left the big stone, a flying sword penetrated from the stone surface and shot straight into the sky.
Guo Xiaosi cold sweat straight at the place where the long sword flies is where he just stood. If he is delayed for a moment, he is afraid that the long sword will directly wear his head from his hip. In that case, his life is not only difficult to protect, but also ugly to die. This secret attack on cultivating immortality is despicable enough.
Who is a hero? Come on, don’t hide. Guo Xiaosi has just felt that this cultivation of immortality is a little higher than himself. It is probably in the middle of the rotation period. Although the mana is a little higher than himself, the two magic weapons in his hand are enough to make him invincible.
After Guo Xiaosi’s propaganda, a earthy yellow light shines at Guo Xiaosi, but when you look intently, you are surprised to sneak attack on one of your own people, and you are still an acquaintance.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Answer questions
It was you, Guo Xiaosi, who was surprised to see the bearer clearly. This man was not someone else. It was the first time that Guo Xiaosi, one of the two younger brothers of Baozong, asked for directions. Not only did he point to the road, but he also witnessed him, his elder brother and master, fighting against Liaoyang Gate. With the help of that set of dragon array, Guo Xiaosi later saw the auction of dragon array equipment in Yequanling.
Well, it’s an old acquaintance, and it’s Bao Zongdi. But when I met him two months ago, he was just cultivating immortality in the foundation period. At this moment, I didn’t expect that he had reached the middle level of the rotating photo period. This progress speed is too strange. It is impossible for Guo Xiaosi to reach this level with the progress speed of a large number of Dan medicines in the demon soul platform. Is this the function of Liaoyang Gate Town?
If it’s really a function, then I won’t kill this Bao Zongdi, and then I’ll find it. Unconsciously, Guo Xiaosi has also moved his mind
You know my brother Bao Zongdi, but you look surprised and return the sword to your own hands.
Guo Xiaosi spoke. Isn’t this guy’s memory so bad that he forgot himself in two months? But it’s not surprising that after all, he was in a hurry. Who will remember a passerby except a thoughtful person like himself?
However, the speed of his practice is really amazing, which is unusual. There must be something hidden in it. Since it is hidden, you must let him bring it. If it is really so powerful, it will be a smooth road to practice.
Guo Xiaosi really thought about this, but suddenly he felt that something was flying towards him, and it was flying at rest. This was definitely not a good thing. Guo Xiaosi was horrified and quickly took a shot of the magic turtle shell, and then he flashed aside and there was one more fantasy where he stood.
The name Bao Zongdi is terrible, and suddenly four Guo Xiaosi come before him.
As soon as Guo Xiaosi avoided, he saw a knife with a yellow earth color cut himself in the turtle shell before the illusion. Fortunately, his spirit was enough, otherwise he really caught the trail, and this Bao Zongdi knew that he was a Changhuai Sect and didn’t read nine big doors, so he secretly killed him. It is reasonable to defend him.
What does it mean to sneak attack me secretly now? Although you have made up your mind, Guo Xiaosi still wants to ask this guy about the speed of practice. It’s simply too shocking. It’s a big deal. Whether it’s good or not? By the way, see if you can ask what the pros and cons are. According to the common sense of cultivating immortals, it can promote the speed of practice to rise sharply. It must have its disadvantages
Hum, I’m practicing here. Who knows that you should come here? I have nothing to do with you. But since you have found me, I must be on high alert. If I meet someone with an evil plan, I won’t suffer, so I won’t be the first to explain it. No problem, Bao Zongdi said disdainfully