Paris Saint-Germain neatly rejected the offer of 36 million euros, and Valencia should make another offer soon.

Unexpectedly, this time they waited for a week and didn’t wait for the new offer.
Looks like Valencia should have given up.
It stands to reason that they gave up the pursuit of Ronaldinho, which should make Paris Saint-Germain feel relaxed.
But what Paris Saint-Germain is a little lost?
It seems that it is a very bad thing for the other party to give up …
Chapter two hundred and fifteen The storm fanned by a strong butterfly
Paris Saint-Germain must have never read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and they don’t know that the idiom "playing hard to get" is even more familiar to Zhuge Liang’s allusion to Meng Huo.
Changsheng threw Paris Saint-Germain aside after being rejected.
After the 11-game draw with Racing Santander, the suspension of players has expired. albelda and Carvalho have been suspended for four games, and their ball supervisor can return to the team’s main lineup.
During this period, the team’s performance fluctuated slightly, which was also related to the incompleteness of the main team.
However, Changsheng still has two games to ban and can’t return to the coaching seat.
In Guardiola, Valencia beat Villarreal 3 at home.
But then they lost 12 away to La Coruna.
Due to Real Sociedad’s 1-0 victory over Virva in this round, their points are the same as losing Valencia!
Comparing the two teams with each other, it is not the goal difference or the number of goals, but the outcome.
But in fact, there may be no need to compare the winners and losers, because the two teams have a direct dialogue opportunity in the last stage of the league.
For Valencia, the league title competition has completely entered a white-hot stage from this time.
And the coming schedule is also a test for Valencia.
On the 35th League Match against Real Madrid at Home
In the 36th round of the League, the away game challenged the Royal Society.
The 37th round of the league matches Barcelona at home.
The thirtieth round of the league away game against Seville.
Guardiola is in such a hurry that he hopes to beat La Coruna and at least maintain a three-point lead over Real Society.
In this way, when I hand over the team to Changsheng again, it is at least not a disgrace to my mission.
As a result, things didn’t work out. In the end, his team lost to La Coruna, the third place in the league.
Resulting in an equal share with the royal society
This reality made him very depressed.
Call him the first time after the game.
Guardiola seemed a little depressed in the words. "Maybe I’m not fit to be a head coach. Today, my command is terrible!" "
"You’ve done a good job, Pepper. Don’t take it to heart. Give yourself a good holiday tonight," Chang Sheng advised.
But he didn’t sincerely advise.
Because if Guardiola’s confidence is destroyed and he doesn’t want to be the head coach again, it’s actually good for him, so he won’t be afraid of raising tigers.
Of course, if Guardiola must be the head coach and eventually become the Barcelona coach, he will not be afraid of him. He can help Guardiola with one hand and beat him again.
For Valencia, losing to La Coruna this round and being chased by Real Sociedad are all bad news.
But it’s not bad news
I’m going back to the coach’s seat because I won the first round of the league.
Valencia played Real Madrid at home in the first round of league, and always won when the team needed him most.
This is good news.
Because Valencia is the nemesis of Real Madrid, it is better to say that Changsheng is the nemesis of Real Madrid.
Before preparing for Real Madrid, Changsheng hung Paris Saint-Germain for almost two weeks, and finally made an offer again, this time still rising by 100 euros.
37 million euros
This is not a low price.
Although the money is not your own, you can’t throw all the transfers in.
It’s very sincere to spend half of it to buy Ronaldinho.
There was no reply from Paris Saint-Germain until the match with Real Madrid.
Never mind winning. Concentrate on preparing for the game against Real Madrid.