Yi mark and others are also after the warfare platform for a moment. The old man glanced around and said in a serious tone, "Yesterday, 43 people in the first round of Jiubrake Mountain entered the second round today."

There are so many people worthy of praise.
During the practice period, the layer is easy to mark! "
Yi hen heard this, he immediately bowed slightly to the floating clouds platform and the audience and said, "Brother is here!"
"Xu Meiting in the practice period!"
"Brother is here!"
"The ninth floor of the practice period is quite successful!"
"Brother is here!"
"Dai Donghan, the ninth floor of the practice period!"
"The twelve-story screen during the practice period!"
"Brother is here!"
"Well, you forty-three people practice on the 11th and 12th floors for the time being. Others extract jade cards themselves and then play roulette! The fighting power is not good, and the elders help to heal and fight again in the backcourt. "
The old man said indifferently, with a wave of his hand, a light curtain suddenly covered the other side of the warfare platform, and a semi-circular film suddenly appeared in the warfare platform, covering the whole warfare platform completely inside.
Then a special elder led Yi Mark and a group of people to extract numbers and then roulette separately.
Yi Mark was the first to draw and got a "thirteen" number, and then the roulette wheel belonged to him.
This time, the roulette is easy to mark, and the roulette reaches the 17th, which means that he will fight with the person who draws the 17th number.
Extracting numbers continues.
Soon a man smiled at Yi Mark with a number plate in his hand.
This kind of smile is easy to mark and I have to say that it is very gloomy and insidious, because that kind of smile means no good.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
Yi Mark has some impressions about this person. Yi Mark knows from the mouth of the ancestor of Yunfutai just now that this person’s name is Dai Donghan, but he looks very thin and his hands are as slender as monkey’s arms!
He gives people the overall feeling that he is weird and cruel!
Qian Yi Mark deeply remembers the strength of these 42 people. Dai Donghan is a nine-story monk in the practice period, but his strength is extremely good!
After all, there are no vulgar people at this point!
The third Yangxin spring Chapter 112 Amazing strength [2]
The third Yangxin spring Chapter 112 Amazing strength [2]
Yi Mark looked at Dai Donghan’s face and changed slightly. Such a person is so thin, but if he doesn’t want to gain weight, he will know that this is a monk who is good at speed and strength.
When Dai Donghan left the warfare platform, Yi Mark bent down slightly to show the courtesy of fighting.
That Dai Donghan’s face is indifferent and nodded. It is natural to bear the etiquette of easy marks without replying. The whole process seems to be very natural.
Easy mark face slightly ugly each other to do so is not to see him in the eye.
Although I don’t care what others think, after all, I don’t want the enemy to be too frivolous than fighting Yi Mark, so fighting is meaningless to Yi Mark except when it is a wave.
Dai Dong hanyin some hoarse way, the word "ba" just finished, and his body suddenly shot out like a phantom, and a strong breeze suddenly hit the surface.
Easy mark slightly surprised heart already skilled to the extreme ethereal phantom of the opera posture directly make out his foot stepped on a few Yin and Yang five elements orientation and then very strange to Dai Dong culvert the blow to dodge.
Dai Donghan was slightly surprised. Obviously, he didn’t think that under such circumstances, Yi Mark could evade success.
His face changed from the most leisurely to a little more, and he seemed to pay more attention to the whole person.
Yi mark for Dai Dong culvert strength also has some fear, so at this time he is not hiding anything, but preparing to directly lock the soul achievement method.
The battle between the two men seems dull and uneventful, but two people know in their hearts how fierce the battle is.
Easy mark clear drink and then suddenly huge momentum rose up to lock the soul work to yuan god lock the soul avatar for the first time without reservation.
This time, naturally, it’s not like Yue Lingshan’s bearing that momentum yesterday. It’s just a shock.
In a clear drink, the momentum soared, and then the sound of "om ~ ~ ~" resounded through the heavens and the earth, just like things in China shook up and shook.
"Hum ~ ~"
I didn’t hear the sound of other people’s fire and poison, but in Dai Donghan’s eyes, it was like a death warrant.
Suddenly appeared in Dai Donghan’s ear, and his mind was almost lost!
And at this moment, the tremor passed directly through his body and in his mind.
Mind can’t help but shudder a Dai Donghan strength although extremely strong at the moment also completely intimidated!
His eyes were cold and folded, and his face suddenly showed an involuntary blank color. As soon as this face appeared, it was quiet and noisy.
In Dai Donghan’s mind, at the moment, it seems like a dream. He feels as if he has entered some kind of dreamland or a dream. Although it is close to his ear, it seems so unrealistic to let the Buddha go.
At this moment, easy to mark out without hesitation, fiercely appeared in front of Dai Dong Han’s hands. The vitality energy took the lock soul work achievement method-the lock soul palm was severely bombarded in Dai Donghan’s chest!
Dai Donghan’s body suddenly flew out like a broken kite. In this case, Dai Donghan has no resistance. If it is easy to mark his hands, he will die!
However, since it is too vicious, it is not allowed to be easily marked. Instead of taking Dai Dong Han’s life with a sword, he left a profound lesson by seriously injuring him with a palm.
Before each other’s practice at the moment mess defeat naturally formed a very fresh contrast.
Dai Donghan didn’t wake up until he fell to the ground and spit out two blood.
When he woke up, he looked at Yi Mark with more hatred and fear. It was this kind of look that he quickly concealed the past.
He seems to be a very silent person. Since he failed, he didn’t say anything about returning to the stage.
This failure represents that all his opportunities have disappeared from now on.
Although he hates it, he is not as good as others and he has nothing to say.