"It’s really heroic that the North is too helpful to Garuda." The dwarf grabbed the table and suddenly slashed his ear with a knife.

Xiong has killed people and cut off other people’s ears in his life, but he never thought of cutting off his own ears to try it. Now he has tasted it, and it is not good.
"Now it’s your turn to cut. If you don’t cut, you can choose to throw in the towel and we’ll bet on the third game."
"It’s just one ear." Our hero was so malicious that he cut his ear and his eyebrows didn’t knit.
It’s a lot of money for Tang Tai to help a woman cut off her ear. The dwarf’s eyes suddenly showed cruelty and pleasure, and it felt like he was the overlord. He cut off this ear himself.
"It’s only one ear. Look at the price again." The dwarf suddenly slashed his left wrist with a knife.
Knife shining like snow.
This knife is obviously excellent, and the position of his knife is also excellent. It happened to be in the wrist. This knife didn’t cut the bone. It was very clever to unload a palm of your hand and spray blood on the ground. He quickly pulled out a piece of white cloth to wrap the broken wrist and didn’t wipe it. He laughed wildly and said, "Are you coming?"
Until this bully’s face finally changed, cutting his flesh and ears was nothing but pain for him, but it would definitely be a big discount for his martial arts if he cut his palm, which was really killing himself.
The dwarf looked like he knew you wouldn’t dare. He quipped, "You say you love her, but you don’t want her to pay like this three years ago, and you still do."
"Three years ago"
"Do you want to hear a story?" Perrin said slowly in a dignified tone in the dim candlelight. "A very strange, absurd and unruly story."
Cao Yiqi said, "You have to tell a story."
Perrin said, "You don’t want to listen to me. Haven’t you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder for us to breathe?"
No one talks about "breathing", but it doesn’t feel deep. When Perrin said this, Cao Yi also felt that breathing didn’t seem to be smooth, as if he couldn’t get enough oxygen every time he breathed. "How did this happen?"
"Because there’s not enough oxygen here," Perrin said in despair. "I calculated it and forgot that there would be not enough oxygen here."
"Oxygen" Cao Yi murmured, "This shouldn’t be. Is the stove mouth blocked again?"
Perrin said, "Don’t forget that this tunnel is very deep and the bottom of the stove is dusty. It is naturally difficult to circulate. In this case, it is very difficult to breathe oxygen for two people, so maybe we will be suffocated."
"suffocate" Cao yi suddenly said, "since you suffocate, why don’t you go out again?"
"I’d rather die if I go out and face that disgusting dwarf again," Perrin hated. "You can go out if you want, but if you escape and fall into the hands of that dwarf, you might as well die directly."
Cao Yi’s brow twisted into a Sichuan character.
"Before I die, I have a story that I want to tell myself if you don’t listen to it." Perrin said slowly. "My name is not Perrin. Perrin is a kind of grass. My name is Zhang Xiaolan."
Maybe she is desperate, maybe she has other thoughts, but it is a sad, bizarre and unbelievable experience to slowly reveal it in her cherry mouth.
Chapter three hundred and thirty Evil genes
Zhang Xiaolan’s name is not better than Perrin’s. It doesn’t have much cultural background, but it’s nice to shout and listen to Shu.
I heard her say in a strange voice, "I was born in an ordinary small town in the north. Although I look mixed-race, I am actually from China. My parents are both middle school teachers. They are strict and inflexible in my education, and I am also shy and conceited among my classmates."
Pretending to be lofty is the backbone of all China’s knowledge and also their sorrow, especially in this era, lofty is often insulted by the smell of copper.
"If I had followed this life drama, I might have taken the senior high school entrance examination, graduated from the university, and made a blind date. When I married a man, he was most likely a scholar and a child." She said that she had never lived in a strange and terrible way. "But it happened that when I was one year old, my parents died overnight in a foreign land. At that time, I didn’t know what to do. Who was the murderer? The police also hastily closed the case and lied that it was an accident."
"Can you imagine that a young girl suffered a tragic accident in an instant without help? From then on, I told myself that I had to be strong for life and revenge."
"Being strong, I’m afraid what she calls being strong is becoming evil," Cao Yi replied. "It turns out that her fickle and vicious character is caused by the shadow of her childhood."
"After ten years of exploration, I finally found out that the people who killed my parents in those days were too helpful."
Cao Yike can imagine what a girl needs to pay for taking a slow revenge. Fortunately, she can pay more than beauty, but he never imagined that she finally tracked down the person who turned out to be the overlord. He was surprised and said, "Isn’t the overlord your lover?"
Perrin Maybe she doesn’t want to be named Zhang Xiaolan before, but let’s call her Perrin. She said with a mocking look, "How can I get close to him if I don’t be his lover? How can I kill him if I don’t get close to him?"
Cao Yi thought carefully, "You say it makes sense. This is the best way."
To say that Cao Yi is absolutely not inferior to this Perrin from the perspective of interests, this is a good way, but I’m afraid Cao Yi can’t do this forbearance to commit himself to sleeping with an enemy.
"I shook hands with him for four years when I was sixteen, and three years ago when I was twenty."
Three years ago, three years ago, what happened three years ago will involve Perrin, Xiong and Dwarf. Oh, my god, three seemingly unrelated people. It was three years ago that the cause of this happened that led to today’s results.
Cao Yi said, "He saw through you and you ran away."
Perrin sneered at Cao Yi’s lack of imagination. She said, "He naturally didn’t see through my forbearance for many years. Just now, he had scruples in his heart. He looked heroic, but he was extremely suspicious. He didn’t really believe anyone and never spent the night in my room. But as the years passed, I grew more and more beautiful, and he became more and more obsessed with me. But I didn’t make a move once. I didn’t even dare to think that I would be a canary in my room. Even if you showed any signs, you shouldn’t have the word" death "in
Cao Yi is not surprised by this. After all, Garuda, who dominates the six roads, would have been eaten by people long ago if his scheming was not deep and his suspicion was not heavy. Just look at the copper face and the four girls’ means.
"But three years ago, he suddenly changed and took me everywhere to play. He took me to see him. He introduced me as his wife. He was willing to give me anything I wanted. People said that he was a lion and ate dragons and Dapeng birds, but I became a poodle in front of me." Here, her eyes turned gentle and affectionate, saying, "If you haven’t seen him, you won’t know how gentle and affectionate he is when he looks at me. Even a fire is submerged in his deep affection."
Cao Yi suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart. He found that Perrin’s feelings had changed here. She had been miserable for many years. The man * * lived a life of humiliation, but one day he suddenly became everyone and had everything. Maybe the man who had ruined her before was still trampled on her feet. I’m afraid the change in her heart is an outsider’s imagination.
People are very strange animals. They hate their teeth when they see other people’s high positions, but once they are in power, they become idiots who don’t waste or corrupt.
"You guessed it." Perrin could see his mind from Cao Yi’s eyes. "I finally had a chance to kill him, but I just couldn’t do it."
Cao Yi looked at her coldly and said, "You can’t stop. You can’t stop. Once you stop, no matter whether you succeed or not, you will lose the status and scenery of that person. You can’t stop being modest. Your childhood parents’ love is long gone for you. You don’t want to die. People will give up everything."
Perrin was told by him that there was a hidden acne in her heart, but she didn’t become angry from embarrassment. She sighed, "You’re right, I really didn’t do it at that time. I really wanted to live like this. Anyway, people will die a hundred years later, and he will die. Even if I take revenge, then someone suddenly appeared in front of me and disrupted all this."
Cao Yi blurted out, "dwarf!"
"Yes," Perrin said, "but have you ever wondered what he means, why do people take such names?"
Cao Yi told the truth, "I don’t know that Jianghu says a lot about this man, but no one ever knows what his real name is."
Do you know who he is, where he comes from and what he likes to dig people’s hearts?
Perrin said, "Do you believe me if I say that he is my uncle and his surname is Zhang Zhang Xiaojun?"
"Uncle" Cao Yi said "I believe"