"Good to send you twelve flags for fun!" Star Xuan said that the twelve gods recorded and flew over. At that time, the six colors were mixed and the fog rolled! Six flag gates blink and fly towards Deng.

By this time, Xuanmuzhu had already flown back and got the fairy rope tied by Xing Xuan, so she flew out to tie the old wild silkworm demon.
Just then, the three heads of Xing Xuan suddenly showed thirteen blood shadows around. Each blood shadow held a red flag and waved it everywhere. The yellow sand suddenly turned into a bloody blood, and in the sky, the blood clouds rolled, and the red blood was recorded flying around Xing Xuan. The bloody river was bitten and sang by the appearance of several devils in the ground and the sky emerged towards Xing Xuan.
It turned out that Deng Fei was also taking advantage of Xing Xuan’s rest for a while to find Xing Xuan’s trouble. Before refining 13 blood shadows, each with a bloody flag set up a large array of blood rivers around Xing Xuan.
This time, the fight is the opposite of the colorful, fierce and gorgeous horses attacking each other just now. However, it is already silent in such a vast desert, but everyone on both sides knows that this time it is a real life fight. Whoever moves fast in battle may live on the contrary, and the people who beat slowly will be wiped out and beyond redemption.
Xing Xuan’s deputy energy is concentrated in the twelve gods, and the three heads are turned in one direction. In the eyes, the red mans flash in my heart, and the double-yuan baby is superimposed and instantly put the body and mind into the highest command. The twelve gods record the cover and fly to Ying.
The eyes also saw that the twelve gods recorded Deng Fei’s head in King’s Landing, and the thirteen blood shadows of Deng Fei were also busy waving the bloody magic flag to move the blood river array.
I feel that among the three heads, "boom, a big ring, a number of gods rolled back and immediately cut off from the outside world. Even the twelve gods recorded and Xuanmuzhu fluctuated imperceptibly. I don’t know whether the six flag gates trapped Deng Fei or not. Whether Xuanmuzhu tied the wild silkworm.
I feel that my heart is in a state of agitation, and the monstrous blood waves in the large array are generally rushing towards myself. Several demons are biting their mouths in the blood waves.
Sewing clothes swelled up and made a debut. White light barely blocked the blood wave from the outside, but the pressure made Xing Xuan feel that his bones were broken and the immortal golden body seemed to be unable to withstand this huge pressure. Xing Xuan couldn’t help but open his mouth and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.
If this huge overwhelming is enough, the smell in the blood array is fragrant and poisonous, which not only makes people sleepy, but also makes them feel like they have been eroded, and the pain goes straight through their hearts and lungs.
"It’s amazing!" Xing Xuan today, however, saw that the blood river array was badly damaged. He suddenly bit the tip of his tongue and spit out a mouthful of painstaking efforts. Then he sacrificed the five obscene blood pockets in an attempt to put away the myriad blood in the blood river array.
Then where is the small five-yin-yin blood pocket collected? Compared with the poor and poisonous blood contained in the blood river array, it is only nine Niu Yi hairs, and the five-yin-yin blood pocket is just a little less stressful for a week.
Is the star Xuan hard to hurry all the time thousands of poisonous blood suddenly back out and return to thirteen red flags in heaven and earth suddenly clear up.
The thirteen blood shadows are busy flying towards the fallen E blood shadows and flying their heads.
There are twelve banners lying beside Deng Fei, which is the record of the twelve gods of Xingxuan.
It turns out that the record of the twelve gods of Xing Xuan was a little slow, and it was a moment when Xing Xuan blew on the flag. Eventually, Deng Fei was trapped in life and death, and the six arrays were disillusioned. It also dragged Deng Fei from high to make him lose the ability to control the large array of blood rivers and let Xing Xuan escape.
Look at the Xuanmuzhu next to it, but it is also when the wild silkworm is about to break away from the instantaneous bundle of fairy ropes and bind the old demon of the wild silkworm.
Xing Xuan plopped down to the ground at this time and felt a splitting headache. He couldn’t get up any more and had to tell nine head worm, who was also seriously injured. Mo Long Excalibur trembled and went to Deng Fei, who couldn’t afford to fall to the ground.
The Ying Fei took back thirteen blood shadows and resumed some skills a little. At this time, he also got up and tried to kill Xing Xuan.
Just then, I saw the sky suddenly burst into a bright light, and a huge cross lightsaber fell from the sky, and a case was split in Xing Xuan, Xing Xuan, Wild Silkworm and Deng Fei.
The wild silkworm was trapped by the fairy rope and used magic. When it was split by the cross lightsaber, there was a black smoke scream. It was already in a coma.
And the star Xuan was hit by this blow, and he also opened his mouth and spit out a big mouthful of blood and hurt the rickety nine head worm’s strong body, but there was no harm, but the cross lightsaber force knocked nine head worm to the ground and smashed the yellow sand into the sky
The cross lightsaber was also harmful to the shadow of blood. Deng Fei screamed that a shadow of blood was fast and dim, which was also hurt and hurt
"Haha, luck, luck actually met three mature masters fighting. Look at this magic weapon that fell to the ground!" As the sound fell from the sky, an old man and a young man came in white robes.
Xing Xuan lifted up his eyes and watched the old man who didn’t know much but was an old acquaintance. It turned out to be a paradise parcel. Chen Feng was upside down on the mountain road leading to Python’s tooth, and the five elements of Gankun migrated to the small one.
"Hehe, Martial Uncle, I told you, coming out and walking will definitely gain something. Hehe, alas, you are so small!" That Chen Feng said, lifting up his eyes, he looked at Xing Xuan’s body and soil. At this time, Xing Xuan was injured and showed his original appearance. He was recognized by Xing Xuan.
"Ha ha, it is Chen Fengzong who is a friend of Tianlong Daochang, the head of the door to seal the gods. If you save me today, you will surely benefit from heaven in the future! "Star Xuanlai promised to delay, but sometimes the Xuanmuzhu gave up the wild silkworm and quietly came to Chen Feng’s head.
"Ha ha, it’s good to say that Taoist Feilong has always been kind to your beautiful apprentice?" Chen Feng with a mass at the right hypochondrium toward the star xuan came along.
"My apprentice Ma came to Fei Qiong, Fei Long, Fei Hu and Fei Xiong Fei Yun, all of whom were behind. Today, we are trying our best to get rid of these two demons!" Xing Xuan doesn’t know that Chen Feng’s temptation is also full of nonsense. He moved out the elders who knew how to seal the door of God, hoping to scare off Chen Feng and the old guy who he called ShiShu in white.
Chapter DiYiWuJiu amnesia bead
"Fenger, don’t listen to his nonsense and hurry up. These guys have countless treasures!" Said the old guy in white, as soon as he put a huge cross in his hands, he rose to the middle cross. The light of the cross lightsaber was like a storm, and it smashed towards Xing Xuan, Xing Xuan’s doppelganger and blood shadow Deng Fei.
At this time, Chen Feng’s face suddenly showed a trace of cruel hands flying sword flying out to take the star Xuan head straight.
Where do you know that before he flies his sword to the front of Xing Xuan, a big green hand will pat down a green awn to cover the sky and poison into the body? That Chen Feng’s body will be smashed into mud without calling out, and the body will fall to the ground and the essence will overflow and blink into a pool of blood.
The old guy in white couldn’t help crying out with sadness. More cross lightsabers fell on the head of Xing Xuan.
At this time, Xuanmu Bead has stayed at Xingxuan’s head, emitting thousands of green lights, resisting all the cross lightsabers, while Xingxuan’s two places at once violently hit the cross lightsaber, shaking up and stunned the old man in white. What kind of body is this? I can’t see a piece of armor, but my body is hard to resist my cross lightsaber, and it’s too abnormal to get up again.
More abnormal condition is yet to come. Blood shadow Deng Fei has already breathed a sigh of relief to avoid the white old guy’s cross lightsaber and released it again. Three blood shadows are busy and descended on the white old guy.
The old man in white doesn’t know what to do. The cross lightsaber smashed the blood shadow avatar hard, but the lightsaber always passed through the body at the cost of killing the blood shadow avatar with a dim light.
See a blood shadow busy has been close to the white old guy Xing Xuan couldn’t help but worry. If Deng Fei passes through the body, then Deng Fei will instantly restore his skill and display his bleeding river array again. He can’t have the energy to spell it with him again. Twelve gods can’t work again.
Thinking of Xing Xuan nine head worm’s avatar Mo Long Excalibur, he suddenly flew out a sword and cut off the little blood shadow. He shouted, "Heaven is a fool." Do you want to die? That’s the magic of blood shadow, which absorbs people’s spirit and blood gas, and you will be finished if he penetrates the body! "
Words that white old guy cold sweat quickly gave up the attack star Xuan cross sword flying around all toward Deng Fei that thirteen blood shadow busy attack in the past.
Although the cross lightsaber is not dedicated to restraining the blood magic to the sword light, it is full of sacred spirit, and it is natural to purify evil. It is right that the blood magic has not been practiced, and it is also harmful to fly. In the blink of an eye, Deng Fei’s thirteen blood shadows are dim, especially when he is cut off by Xing Xuan’s sword, which is almost extinct.