The original is already a corpse on Sunday; It is in the situation that the quasi-saints are deadlocked in place; Suddenly I opened my eyes.

Sunday is not playing dead; It is inevitable that you will encounter some post-bite, and the strength of the post-bite will be determined by the strength of the post-bite. It should be a matter of course that the strength of the post-bite will not be controlled and the rule of destruction will bite you to death on Sunday.
However; Although Sunday said that he did die in that destruction rule, Sunday was at that time; It is another life-saving ability.
The detective changed seventy-two; If each change can penetrate into a considerable level of life; Then in addition to being able to have all the abilities of the other party when transforming into the other party; When Sunday dies, Sunday can also get a chance of resurrection by eliminating that ability to change, and because of the fact that the detective has changed seventy-two times, this ability has made this magical power change seventy-two times, which means seventy-two lives.
As far as supernatural powers are concerned; The additional ability of the seventy-two changes of the detective is absolutely quite b even those saints; One by one will be quite greedy.
Unfortunately; It is too difficult to practice Xuangong, and ordinary monks can’t practice it. It is impossible for them to have that magical power and practice Xuangong. Although you can practice seventy-two changes in the dungeon; Seventy-two words of evil spirits entering the earth; Then the other side’s weakest strength also needs to reach the quasi-saint level, but how many people can really practice the Xuangong to kill the quasi-saint? Sun Wu and Yu Ding may have that strength after they are two Yang Jian, but they even have that strength; If they want to truly transform a quasi-saint into their magical power, they can’t do it themselves unless a saint helps them; Otherwise, they still can’t practice that ability.
Did the previous practitioners who turned to Xuangong practice the additional ability of seventy-two changes of the earth demon on Sunday, regardless of at least Zhou Tianren; At the beginning, it was a coincidence that several fiends were successfully refined into their own demons’ seventy-two magical powers. Then, although those quasi-saints were infiltrated into their magical powers because of such opportunities, they still made Sunday have two more lives than others because of refining two fiends on Sunday.
In front of the rule of destruction, Sunday was dead, but it was given a chance to resurrect because of the seventy-two changes of the evil spirit in the world. However, the fact of Sunday has never really died, but it is because Sunday has been suppressing what he did when he resurrected that he has been lying on the ground loading dead bodies without any other movement.
Now; It was not until that several quasi-saints were deadlocked beside Sunday that they did not move for a long time. On Sunday, they were resurrected in the semi-compulsory situation because they could no longer suppress the magical power.
Eyes open; At that time, Sunday died, and I don’t know what happened after his death. Sunday didn’t know anything about what happened after his death, but just a few quasi-holy words; Sunday, that’s a department. I remember it.
Although I don’t know what happened, I remember on Sunday that the quasi-saints were former members of the quasi-saints who besieged him and then; Those quasi-saints seem to have been hit hard for what reason after waking up; Zhou zai just needs to know so many things.
No matter what else, it is enough for him to know the current situation on Sunday and do something accordingly.
At present, there are several enemies who have been hit hard. Sunday is naturally knowing that you need to do it at this time.
No matter how the other side is injured, since both sides are enemies; Then those quasi-saints are in such a state in the eyes; What needs to be considered at this time of Sunday is to kill those quasi-saints.
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Strong return
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Strong return
It may not be a secret in Pangu Universe that seventy-two changes of the Dungeon can make people have more life abilities, but other universes don’t know that the skill of turning Xuangong is naturally more known to the magical power of seventy-two changes of the Dungeon. They suddenly found that it should have been dead. On Sunday, they suddenly opened their eyes. Nature is one by one was startled by Sunday.
Because of the root, I didn’t think that the dead man would suddenly come back to life on Sunday because the quasi-saints froze at the first time they opened their eyes on Sunday until Sunday attacked them. Those quasi-saints failed to respond at the first time.
Sunday’s strength is stronger than those of the quasi-saints, although even after the resurrection of the seventy-two changes of the underworld; Zhou Tianshen’s injury did not recover, but he was in a state of Sunday at that time; At least, the strength has remained nearly 10%, but it is those quasi-saints; One by one, the state is now extremely poor; Even ten percent strength is hard to keep changing; Those quasi-saints are more unlikely to be Sunday opponents.
Reach out and punch out a few times; In those quasi-saints’ roots, there was no urgent response, and Sunday succeeded in killing two quasi-saints.
Then; When Sunday killed those quasi-saints, other quasi-saints reacted at that time, even though they didn’t know that they were already dead, but they still knew the danger when they faced Sunday’s attack. Don’t give Sunday a chance to deal with them. Those quasi-saints will show their strength on Sunday at the same time; Immediately also responded at the first time.
Retreat; This is the only choice for those quasi-saints not to say that the strength shown before Sunday is beyond their ability to deal with, but to say their state; It’s impossible to cope with Sunday’s attack on those quasi-saints if they don’t want to die; So when they face Sunday, they really have to retreat.
However; There is nothing wrong with those quasi-saints’ decision to retreat when facing Sunday, but those quasi-saints want to retreat, although there is nothing wrong, but they obviously have not considered one problem, that is; They want to return that Sunday, but they don’t seem to want to let them go.
Things have come to this on Sunday, but those quasi-saints died once. Now, although it is said that they have defeated those quasi-saints, this does not mean; Sunday really doesn’t care about what those quasi-saints did before.
Now; Now that you have the opportunity to get those quasi-saints fighters, Sunday will never let go of the reason to see the quasi-saint want to escape. When Sunday’s eyes shrink, it will immediately pursue the quasi-saint exhibition at that time
The figure flashed; Sunday will disappear in the same place until Sunday appears again; On Sunday, it was already at the side of those quasi-saints. Sunday also didn’t give the several quasi-saints a chance to speak before they appeared; Sunday is word; Immediately, it was also at that time that several prospective holy exhibitions were attacked.
After that, the situation is very simple; According to Sunday’s strength at that time, how could those quasi-saints block Sunday’s attack? In the face of Sunday’s attack, those quasi-holy bases did not play their strong strength, but simply made a few defensive moves and died one by one in Sunday’s hand
After successfully killing those quasi-saints; On Sunday, I was relieved at that time and formally induced my eye condition.
Without knowing it; When Sunday induced a state of oneself, it was immediately shocked at that time.
"How can there be so many merits?" Because there are still a few quasi-saints who have not been killed, I have been there all Sunday to kill those quasi-saints, and I am trying to be in such a situation; On Sunday, nature is not too much time to pay attention to your physical condition.
Now; After successfully killing the last few quasi-saints; On Sunday, at that time, I felt my body suddenly, and at that time, I found that I didn’t notice the situation on Sunday, but my body was unconsciously, since I had a great merit; There are many merits, but they are enough to surprise Sunday.
How many merits can you get by killing a quasi-saint? It’s clear from Sunday to Sunday. Zhou Tianyan has also personally killed several quasi-saints if Zhou celestial bodies have some merits; Sunday to also won’t say much, because since Sunday killed some quasi-saints, some merits should be very normal.
But; Now the problem is that on Sunday, the number of merits and demerits of my body is so much that I have gained by killing hundreds of quasi-saints. Even if I save a few worlds on Sunday, I may not be able to get it. Now I suddenly feel that I have so many merits and demerits. To say that there is no reaction on Sunday; That is naturally impossible.
However; After calm down; Sunday quickly accepted the result at that time. Although the specific situation is not clear, Sunday remembers that when he died of self-attack, the number of quasi-saints besieged at that time was inconvenient to reach hundreds. Now, although I don’t know what happened, it seems that those quasi-saints are already dead from the point of view of their merits. And killing those quasi-holy things is also recorded in Sunday for such a reason; Around the celestial bodies that will be so much more merit.
I don’t know the details, even if I don’t know Sunday’s feelings for myself, such as killing those quasi-sacred things, but I’m not very worried. Since Sunday has already won many merits and benefits, it is natural for Sunday to be other things, so there is no need to investigate them.
On the contrary; After many merits; Sunday is at that time quickly digested his harvest this time.
Although the eye on Sunday is to kill the freshman approval saint, Sunday does not recognize it; The number of quasi-saints in the world is only a little, and since the rumors have not been eliminated, other quasi-saints will still stare at Sunday. It is an accident to kill those quasi-saints this time. If this happens again; Then Sunday may not be able to achieve such a big result.
So; If you don’t want to die on Sunday, then what you need to do most is to work hard to improve your strength, and when Sunday’s strength reaches a certain level; Once again, in the face of the big approval of the holy encirclement and suppression, Zhou Tiancai will not fall into a desperate situation again
If you want to improve your strength; Then the best and easiest way for Sunday is to refine those merits. I believe that depending on the number of merits, if Sunday can refine its strength; It is bound to be a major breakthrough when the time comes, not to say that it can be sanctified; At least some progress should still be made in terms of combat power.
Sunday requirements are not high; If after refining those merits; He can raise some strength; The Sunday when he finally gained the ability to control the rules of destruction was considered as a failure to become a saint; Also can protect themselves.
Think of the power of the destruction rule; On Sunday, when my heart was hot, no matter where I was, I directly refined those merits.
Merit promotion; It’s not a time-consuming thing, but it doesn’t mean that refining is very difficult; If you really want merit to improve your practice; Those merits can be directly transformed into mana, and such a transformation process can be achieved almost instantaneously; Although there are many merits of Zhou celestial bodies, the whole refining process is and has not been huā for too long.
Yes; On Sunday, when refining those merits, although it was not huā, how long did it take? But on Sunday, when refining the merits, the noise caused was not as big as usual.
Zhou Tianyuan came to speak; It is already the most powerful quasi-saint besides saints. Now; On the original basis; On Sunday, once again, after taking advantage of merits to promote his strength, Sunday’s breath is even stronger in this promotion process.
On Sunday, I didn’t care too much about the situation. The waves of coercion sent out by Sunday’s consciousness posed a great threat to those creatures around me. When I sensed the danger, I immediately left the place, and the creatures were not those who were not available. On Sunday, however, many people were injured by their breath and even died.
Although the area where Sunday is located is very dangerous, there are still many creatures who will venture towards that area.
The reason is very simple; At the beginning of Sunday, however, hundreds of quasi-saints were at war. After the death of nòng, those quasi-saints were killed on Sunday, they immediately closed up and absorbed their own merits. However, they did not see many reasons for their other advantages. Root didn’t want to put away.
So; Although in the glue destruction storm, most of the weapons and magic weapons owned by the dead quasi-saints have been damaged to some extent; No matter how damaged the quasi-holy weapon is, it is for those creatures in fairyland; But it’s still one by one, baby
Moreover; Don’t say some broken weapons, if you are really lucky; Even it is not impossible to find their bags from those quasi-saints’ bodies. If a fairyland creature can find a quasi-sacred bag, it will certainly become another quasi-saint according to the numerous resources in it. At least it should be no problem to make further progress in fairyland.
All quasi-saints want to be holy; In the same way, all fairyland creatures also want to be sanctified. Those quasi-saints can take the opportunity to be sanctified and take risks. Those fairyland creatures are naturally the same. It’s time to do things in order to become a saint