"She is a pet that I signed a contract with before, so I naturally have the right to protect her …" Sophie Su hurriedly explained a little nervous.

"Yeah, I’ve heard about the sacrifice of pet owners, but I’ve never seen any owners lay down their lives to protect their pets." Yue laughed with a somewhat mocking smile.
"Hey hey ….. let’s see if we are away from here." Sophie Su scratched his head wryly, but hurriedly changed the subject. You know, she just saved herself and the old demon in Montenegro was hostile.
This is your trigger projection. Naturally, you know, like going out.
"The problem is that I don’t know when this is the historical projection, and I don’t know what this place is …" Sophie Su wry smile said that he was called a pole in a million by the red leaves when he showed the unknown at the beginning, but this time it was simply that he didn’t even show the word unknown, and he didn’t know what he would encounter here.
"Here … it should be plane!" Month at the dark night suddenly look dignified and said
"Plane? What plane? Is that … the moon? !” Su Yan looked up, but he shivered all over. Above his head was the night he knew very well. He had seen it for more than twenty years.
"Here is the earth? !” Sophie Su, who carefully identified a zentraedi, finally confirmed that his place was really the earth. For the moon, this place was indeed an "alien world"!
Although there is a full moon in the game world, it is purple and the earth is completely different.
"Is that a mistake?" Sophie Su was so horrified that he actually returned to the earth. What about his body in reality?
He quickly grabbed his game necklace and started the instruction to quit the game.
However, when he quit the game and opened his eyes, he suddenly found himself lying in Jing ‘an Temple … From time to time in the distance, the familiar explosion should be that those troops and powers are fighting monsters.
"What’s going on … are there two me on the earth at the same time?" Sophie Su heart horror he had never heard of such a thing.
But it’s night, Liu Rushi, and they should be in the middle of the game, but they can’t find them for help at the moment
Sophie Su can finally return to the game immediately because he quit the game for a short time, but he didn’t realize that it was still a full moon in sight.
"Earth … that’s the name of this plane, right? Are you from this plane?" Month suddenly looked at Sophie Su low asked.
Most of the senior np in the game world know that there are players who come from the old demon in Montenegro, and they can see at a glance that he is from the outside world, so Sophie Su is also accustomed to this.
"Well … I don’t know which world I belong to. Some people say that I belong to the earth, and some people say that I belong to the game world …" Sophie Su sighed slightly. So far, he really doesn’t know his origin or he dare not think too deeply about this problem.
"It’s not important to know that you are in the square. Speaking of it, the earth and the moon are really beautiful." Yue Xiao seems to be comforting Sophie Su.
"Really … then I’ll take you to see this" plane "."Sophie Su nodded and smiled, and the mood was also a lot of vibration.
It’s not natural for him to look for a corpse when there is a month around, so that some tricks can quietly change his career. After all, his swordsmen’s career has reached level 11 in that temporary attribute. Unfortunately, in addition to the most basic skills of attacking and killing swordsmanship and getting the skills of flying the imperial sword in the middle, he has other advanced skills.
Su Yangang wanted to step on the red blood magic sword to make a strange figure appear in the corner of his eye.
"That’s … someone flying in the royal sword? !” Sophie Su felt a wild jump in the corner of his eye because he saw someone flying rapidly from the night with a royal sword, and more importantly, the man seemed to be wearing ancient costume.
On the other hand, some people didn’t care and said, "Well, someone just flew over, but it seems that the strength should not be strong … We should be in no danger on this earth, right?"
"There’s definitely no danger. I’ll take you to the sea first." Sophie Su said with great certainty, because he actually has the same strength in this game world at present, and it doesn’t seem to be affected by the rules of the earth.
"Daoyou, please stay!"
Just at this time, suddenly behind him came to call.
Sophie Su looked back, but a Taoist costume man hurriedly landed from the middle school and kept waving at him and Yue.
Sophie Su hurriedly cautious made insight into it.
However, the information is-combat effectiveness 31!
Having combat effectiveness without specific level information shows that this is indeed the effect of "insight" in the real world, but this 61 combat effectiveness is a bit amazing.
"Two Taoist friends, I think you should be monks, too. Now it’s critical to sing songs and Mu Ye is on the verge of war. Why don’t you go to support them?" The road flyover is quite sincere and said
Su Yan, whose accent is extremely heavy, is also very reluctant to understand, but his heart has already been horrified …
"Asako … Mu Ye War … how does this sound familiar? !” to be continued
Chapter five hundred and seventeen God Wars
Sophie Su’s history is not very good, but at last some important events in ancient China are clear, such as the Mu Ye War, the history of which the Shang Dynasty was defeated in the Mu Ye War.
But in fact, he is more familiar with that history, but it is the Romance of the Gods …
"This won’t be met with Wu Zhou destroy business? Did I not return to reality but came to the ancient earth? " Sophie Su’s heart was astounded. I never imagined that the advanced stage not only included historical events that happened in the game world, but also included events that happened on the earth.