However, two of them seem to be hand-made, which can be well judged according to their trajectory.

For the same kind of elegance, I just glanced at it lightly and didn’t say much.
She came to Guangxin to fight level 3 elite monsters and had no other thoughts. She didn’t even look at hanging up six times.
On the other side, when I came back from breakfast, a line of four marshals first sat down to see if their number was still safe.
But when he saw a trumpet not far from their mobs, it seemed to be fighting the elite mobs?
"Are all the friends in the game crazy now?" See this scene when marshal stare big eyes shouted in surprise.
Marshal loud voice shock Jiang Mio head faint some pain followed by sitting to have a look at the group of strange not far from them there is a trumpet (? ? ? ) are you fighting the elite monsters?
In the game, the elite blame them. It’s not that they don’t talk about it until they hit the bone. It’s often that even high-level players like them are unwilling to play.
I would rather play mobsters more often than toss around with this elite mobster. Jiang Mio silently praised the marshal’s words.
"It’s really crazy to come to Guangxin at level 22?" After Liu Chengan sat down, he directly dropped the small plug-in and manually operated it at the same time.
After reading the No.1 grade of trumpet, I also agreed with my little friend and added.
Fang Jing-shuo glanced at the small plug-in lightly and didn’t seem to have any opinions on this small number one crazy line.
At this time, Yazheng Level 3 elite monsters are fighting!
In fact, before the other four saw it, Ya had been playing for about 5 minutes. Although the No.1 grade of trumpet has risen, the equipment category has not followed.
In fact, it’s still a little hard to beat this level 3 elite monster.
But even if it is so elegant, it doesn’t give up easily. I think it is more refreshing than hitting mobsters. It pokes the elite mobsters again and again!
"I’m afraid this trumpet number one is really a trumpet. Isn’t this hand speed a little terrible?" Jiang Mio’s divination heart is heavier, and he is still hanging plug-ins to watch the fun when other friends have been doing manual exercises.
After watching Ya beat the elite mobs for a minute, Jiang Bin said.
Although Jiang Bingang said that he didn’t count how many times Ya poked the elite mobster in one minute, it was fast enough!
Less Jiang Mio feel hand speed even will not at present this small number one.
"Well" obviously also noticed this. Fang Jingshuo rarely responded. Although Fang Jingshuo said just now that he was also playing monsters manually, he also pointed out that he was looking at the No.1 trumpet.
Jiang Mio noticed the problem, so did Fang Jingxi.
So I agree with Fang Jingxing in Jiang Mio dialect.
"Ah, fast hands?" In hindsight, Marshal suddenly said after listening to the conversation between two people, and then asked loudly, "Can it be faster than Laos?"
Laos naturally refers to Fang Jingshuo’s four small partners. The hand speed of China Jingshuo should be the fastest. Marshal Jiang Mio Liu Chengan is slightly slower
However, it is also slower than the other three people. Compared with other friends in the game, Marshal’s hand speed is not slow at all.
"No, it’s not." Fang Jingshuo replied to the marshal for a minute.
After he said this, the eyes of the other three friends all flashed, and they all set their eyes on the No.1 trumpet in the game.
Before, they also beat each other’s hand speed. Fang Jingshuo’s hand speed is really amazing, and the other three friends are also willing to worship the wind
Now they are somewhat surprised to hear Fang Jingshuo say such a thing.
Although it seems to them that the speed of the trumpet No.1 player is fast enough, if it is really compared with Fang Jingxi, they don’t think that the trumpet No.1 player will be equal to Fang Jingxi.
However, Fang Jingyue admitted it so generously, that is to say, the speed of this trumpet No.1 hand is equivalent to that of Fang Jingyue.
Two minutes later, a 3-level elite mobster successfully poured the trumpet No.1, and his experience increased a little, but unfortunately, this elite mobster is a bag.
[Current] War is changing. Hey, God bless the one in front.
Just as Ya Cao was preparing to look for an elite monster with trumpet one, the current channel suddenly popped up with such a sentence.
☆, Chapter 2 Slag bucket
Ya doesn’t recognize the other party’s typing this sentence, but he is shouting that he didn’t pay attention to these things, so he is ready to leave with a trumpet number one.
I just took two steps with trumpet number one, and Ya found her screen flashing!
"Pay attention to the fact that you are being attacked by players. Please take precautions!"