"It’s okay …" Chiba relieved and said "Tianya, what did you say just now? Move to your place? Can give me the address … "

"You just take a bus to Wen ‘an! I will meet you late and have a welcome party, "I said generously, and then I sent a message to the god of war," Welcome home at night! "
With a small white worry said, "I also want to go to the trough! You have to wait for me. "
I ignored the message "ok!" from the God of War.
"Eh, you don’t want me in the trough, do you?" Xiaobai exclaimed with Xiao Liyin saying, Brother Xiaobai, just come here quickly.
"Small white yourself to find a way to! Ok, everyone, I will go to earn rent every day. "
Breeze city
"wow! You see, it’s the end of the world. Did you see him play? It’s amazing. Idol! "
"Ah … Tianya do you have a girlfriend? No? Do you mind having one? What? Have a? Would you mind changing it? Don’t want to change? Then don’t mind one more! "
I was completely immersed in the worship of numbers. Pedestrians pointed at me and whispered something about praise, awe and envy. I listened to it but I didn’t pay attention to it. These things were all empty roots and I couldn’t think more.
If you think more, you will occupy more brain. It’s just lang brain cells in vain.
Soon I came to Du Thirteen’s shop. At this time, it was already a lot of excitement in front of Du Thirteen’s door, and there were many more players coming in and out. Presumably, these are all here to buy materials, so let’s be deputy. It’s time for Breeze City Pharmacists to grow.
It was them and me who got the qualification early, so I added my friendship with Uncle Thirteen and went to the front early.
After a moment in front of the door, I let the players pass. I stepped into the room and watched thirteen busy. I was not good at disturbing them, so I secretly stepped aside and sat down to wait for thirteen to finish the business.
Slowly, my consciousness turned out to be a little blurred, and a sense of drowsiness hit me, so I fell asleep. I don’t know how long it took before I felt someone patting me on the shoulder. I looked up and saw that my old face was looking at me with a smile.
Then I stupidly.
I can’t believe this fellow’s clothes have changed. I remember not long ago it was coarse linen, but now it’s all brocade and satin. Is this the same uncle I know? I silently read the hesitation in my mind and looked at Du XIII.
"What do you see?"
"Well …"
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five Apprentice
You’re right. You really don’t know me. How can I think of that uncle I know when I see someone dressed so well?
"I won’t argue with you," but Du Shisan said indifferently, "Oh, by the way, congratulations, king of martial arts!"
"Do you know about lying in the trough?" At this time, I have got up and heard Du XIII say that the word "king of budo" can’t help but look at him in surprise.
"Nonsense, how could I not know?" Du XIII glanced at me and turned around and said.
"Uncle, how did you become so rude? Uncle … why don’t you pay attention to people?" I shouted while chasing du thirteen.
Du Thirteen turned impatiently and said, "Well, the materials are over there. Go get them by yourself and then go to the corner there. Don’t disturb my business."
I looked in the direction of Du Thirteen’s fingers. "Is this the only place in Nima?"
I didn’t look back until I saw that the old man Du XIII was already busy and had to go by himself. Well, forget it. It’s good to have a place to sit.
At this time, the grocery store is already crowded, and Du XIII is already busy, but this is a good thing for him and will never entertain me as before.
But now I don’t need his hospitality.
Now that he is not short of money, will he still accept my 1 gold coin, grade 4 to grade 5 pharmaceutical materials? I shook my head instantly. Why does he care about me now that he is not short of money?
When a person is very serious about doing something, he often forgets sometimes. At this time, I don’t know how long I have been working hard. I don’t know what time it is. Suddenly, I feel that someone is beside me and I look up and see that it is Du Thirteen.
"aye? Isn’t Uncle Thirteen busy? " Said at the same time, I bowed my head and continued to work.
"I’m off today." Du Thirteen sat down next to me and picked up a set of materials. He looked at me like a joke and said, "You are slow enough."
Receiving guests? What does he think he is? This is …
Although I think it’s funny, I’m not too arrogant in other people’s territory, so I joked, "Yes, I’m slow. Do you want to help me?"
"Yeah, let me help you," said Du XIII, after putting something in his hand, he said.
I didn’t pay much attention to Du Thirteen’s words. After making some potions, I found that Du Thirteen was still next to me. I couldn’t help but feel very surprised when I looked up again.
"Lying trough? Uncle Thirteen, what are you doing? " I shouted to Du Thirteen.
"Help you make potions. Look, I’ve done so much." Du XIII pointed to him and made potions to show off.
"I … how did you do so much?" I was surprised when I looked at the potion. It is reasonable to say that I should be very happy to have np to help make the potion, and this np is doing it very fast.