Those who don’t marry eun are a male ghost. It is said that fuck is not bad.

But Ya, they are not familiar with the place, and they don’t know what this person is like.
However, spirit of war Guild Liang has already married. Can they pretend that nothing happened when such a big basin of dirty water is poured over them?
Lift the table! ! !
I’m a girl with a temper, okay?
I haven’t heard anything from the spirit of war guild.
In other private conversations, it is polite to refuse.
Where is the strength of Shanhaijing Guild, and before that, it was a long-term demand for its own medicine. For a marshal, these people are still more elegant.
And these five groups of flash gravel Ya also decided to directly give them to a marshal.
On the one hand, this business opportunity is actually due to the fact that the Shanhaijing Association can make such a sum of money by playing for itself.
On the other hand, they want a large quantity and solve all the future problems of Ya.
[Private Chat] You can trade with a marshal in Chang ‘an warehouse. There are 5 groups in a batch of days. I’m going to bed soon.
Ya said that she would go to bed soon, which is actually an excuse or a reason.
As soon as I can take out so many shiny gravel myself, I will surely attract many people’s attention, so it is obviously unrealistic to hang up and brush gravel tonight.
However, this is only limited to the fact that it is unrealistic to hang your own number there, but you still have two small ones.
"Hold the grass this younger sister has five groups! ! !” See ya play this sentence marshal directly explosive roar out!
It’s already the limit to come to Marshal 2, but he only asked one more question because Fang Jingxi said that.
But I was shocked when I asked, I didn’t know, but I didn’t expect this product to really exist!
Hear marshal Liu Chengan also specially ran to look at the marshal’s private chat and saw Yazhen beat her. There were five groups of Liu Chengan who picked his eyebrows.
Looking back and then at Jiang Mio, Lu Cheng Ann quickly returned to her position after seeing Jiang Mio’s shocked expression.
It is said that this kind of thing can’t let him go blind alone. It is best for everyone to go blind together!
After seeing Jiang Mio’s expression, Liu Chengan felt complete.
Although Fang Jingshuo guessed that Ya had her own doorway to play an advertisement like that, five groups still shocked him.
I came to Fang Jingshuo to ask Marshal to find someone to go with Yiya at night to see where the goods came from to brush so many stones.
However, I felt that I was so unkind. In the end, Fang Jingshuo didn’t say anything.
Marshal Ya went to hand in a question after the transaction was completed, and the experience of Ya was almost at the end of Level 24.
Thinking about yourself, there was another one who didn’t hand it over, and then the level rose to level 25 smoothly.
I’m almost done with the intermediate atlas. Ya doesn’t want to hang the sect any more.
But my whereabouts tonight will definitely be stared at. How can I not disappoint these friends (……)?
I made a few pieces of equipment in Chang ‘an city to upgrade my sewing skills to the intermediate level, and then I went to the outskirts of Chang ‘an City and put the same machine on the trumpet line 2. Only then did I hang the plug-in to let the mountain have the number Fu Su to farm in the suburbs of Chang ‘an City.
Do you want to talk to yourself?
Then stare at yourself for one night!
Ya definitely won’t let your friends down!
I turned my head and took a look at my notes, with trumpet number one hanging. Because it was relatively secret, no one came to harass me.
Put the last piece of land away. Ya hung the trumpet No.2 on the notebook and took the trumpet No.1 to his desktop.
I can’t be nicknamed to guard the shining gravel, but I can pass by the number one.
Although the trumpet No.1 has 22 levels, it is worse than the equipment level of its own mountain with Fu Su.
But fortunately, although the scene in Quanzhou is an intermediate scene, Uncle Ma’s position is relatively partial, but there are no mobs around him.
Even the small one used to be not very dangerous.
The most dangerous thing is that there are too many mobs all the way from Guangxin to Quanzhou, so how to get there will be some tests of elegance.
Hiding all the way, I finally got the trumpet No.1 to Ma Ershu’s side, removed the plug-in of Shanyou Fu Su and hung it on the trumpet No.1 surface.
After the hand, the Fu Su cultivated the land on the mountain, and then Yatou dragged it slowly. Looking up from time to time, she was distracted.
☆ Chapter 45 Play for one year
Yalai also wants to wait for the Zhao Tiantian line and take her to earn some money together, but there is no line in Zhao Tiantian at night.
Maybe it is. Let Ya feel at ease. Zhao Tiantian sent a text message saying that she was in the hospital with her aunt.
Ya was afraid that Zhao Tiantian couldn’t handle it alone, and Ya asked, Do you want to accompany her in the past?
Zhao Tiantian politely refused, but it will be the hospital situation with ya said.
Zhao Tiantian said that she had told her aunt at home that she was still a student and could help her aunt. She told her mother that Zhao Tiantian’s mother had also rushed to accompany them.
After all, I am still my sister Zhao Tiantian’s mother. Even if I am angry with things in those years, it is impossible to look at my sister like this now.
Knowing the situation in Zhao Tiantian, Ya is at ease.
Just put the words back when the words rang.
Ya took it and looked at it. It’s from Fu Yao. Obviously, she’s not too worried about what she said during the day. Come and ask.
I simply confessed to Fu Yao that I was all right and tentatively asked Fu Yao what would happen to the friendship. When I heard Fu Yao gnashing her teeth, it would make the goods worse than death. This is a relief.
To pay for friendship, I won’t bother Aunt Zhao Tiantian again. They can rest assured that their lives are so elegant.
Ya looked up again and saw a player beside her when she resumed her land.
Drag the mouse to take a closer look at the player’s face, but the girl with severe face is also a problem for the player’s face in the game, and she can’t recognize the problem of finally adjusting her own game angle, so that she can see clearly who is beside her.
Blood wolf!
President of spirit of war Association!
By the way, I would have a private chat. I didn’t return this product. What is the reason for coming here now?