In the middle of Wang’s wrong picture, Zhou Yan’s intention was also detected. His eyes were confused and he said, "If the star loses part of its mass, then it means that the star has been reborn?" !”

"You want antimatter weapons to annihilate a part of the sun?"
Inferring this answer, Wang Wrong Figure was dumbfounded. He stared round his eyes and pointed to Zhou Yan for a long time and couldn’t say a word.
Zhou Yan also knew the feasibility of this plan when he saw Wang Cuotu’s so shocked expression. He said, "I guess it depends on your calculation whether it can be successful or not."
"Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it-"R1 kindly interrupted Wang Cuotu when he took out a pamphlet and began to calculate cheerfully.
R1 quoted a string of numbers: "In the calculation, the current antimatter energy of 13 grams can destroy the star volume of 5 meters, which can successfully avoid supernova explosion."
"Wait a minute!" Sunseeker crowded in front of Zhou Yan and said, "I don’t know what you are doing to blow up the stars and the sun. What I care about most is the cyber fleet. How do you need to solve it?"
"Of course, it’s good for those fragments of the sun." Wang Cuotu calculated excitedly in the booklet again, but his expression gradually turned from euphoria to decay. Finally, he violently dropped the original pen in his hand and said, "No, it’s not fast enough. Those cyber people will immediately find out to destroy them."
"You don’t need to worry about this problem of human beings." Leviathan turns green ribbons around everyone, and its sound becomes ethereal again. "Leviathan’s ability is the most mysterious force in the controllable gravity universe, and I can speed up the fall of those fragments."
"But there is one thing that needs your attention. Not all blue star creatures you should know."
Leviathan illusion image appears in every corner of the ocean, and it broadcasts to all living things in the blue star. "Gravity will cause changes on this planet that we predicted. When gravity increases to a certain extent, it will be distorted. You may be trapped in imaginary numbers, immortal or reach a new world safely."
"It all depends on your choice."
"It’s better to pull those hateful tin beasts to die anyway!" Sunseeker bad to ruthlessly say
"Our blue star has been destroyed once! What are you afraid of? " A moth with a child in her arms said
But when the girl in her arms heard those terrible words, she couldn’t help crying and shouting, "Mom, I don’t want to die!" "
Mother patted the girl’s green algae on the top of her head and said softly, "We are not going to die but to a new world."
The girl stopped crying and said, "Is the new world sun still round?"
"It’s round," Zhou Yan squatted down and patted the girl’s head like her mother said. "And there are not only oceans but also land in the new world, where you can breathe as much as you like."
The little girl shrink back timidly behind her mother, reveal a pair of tearful eyes.
"You are all willing to go to the new world."
Leviathan reappeared in the shape of a whale in the water. It slowly swam to the towering submarine rock wall, and compared with the insignificant tail fin, it patted the surface of a rock wall.
The ear is dull and roaring, and the sedimentary rocks attached to antimatter weapons are slowly peeling off, revealing the silvery surface. The special materials bearing antimatter weapons have absorbed almost all the twilight sunlight on the seabed, like a dusty sword with sharp edges and bloody blades pointing at the mighty enemies in the stars.
This weapon is the pinnacle of human science and technology aesthetics. Everyone’s eyes are deeply attracted by it. No one expected that it was such a beautiful and dangerous weapon that destroyed a satellite in the past, and now it is going to destroy a huge star.
"Oh, my God, this is the antimatter weapon," Wang Cuotu muttered to himself, staring at the shocking scene in front of him. "There are also such weapons that can destroy a planet but not a star."
"Hum, I have to say that I really hate to see this thing." Leviathan swam back to Zhou Yan after a little help.
"Leviathan, I want to talk to you." Zhou Yan leaned over and whispered against Leviathan’s small hole.
"This requirement is very simple," Leviathan said, patting the tail fin. "It’s a piece of cake compared with manipulating gravity."
Zhou Yan smiled without saying a word, but there was a smile in his eyes. Even Fang Wei, who was debugging R1 quarter, couldn’t help but look askance at Zhou Yan and ask, "What did you ask that big whale to help?"
Zhou Yan smiled mysteriously and said "secret"
"Hello, Mr. Zhou" R1 flashed an eye. Obviously, it has completely restored its memory and said, "I’m sorry I was very polite to you because of the fault."
"No" Zhou Yan naturally won’t dispute with the robot. He said, "I’ll make a new body for you when I get out."
"Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Zhou." R1′ s eyes darkened, and there was a deep sadness in his tone. "I may not be able to go back."
"What?" Zhou Yan looks up at Ji Fangwei.
Ji Fangwei slightly avoided his eyes and said, "R1 runs on antimatter. At present, the whole planet has other bodies and antimatter."
Zhou Yan looked blankly at R1 but couldn’t say anything to stop it.
R1 comforted Zhou Yan instead and said, "Mr. Zhou, you don’t blame yourself. All this is my choice. I let mankind open Pandora’s box and I should end it. This may be the so-called fate."
"You will know to sacrifice R1 when I come up with a solution," Zhou Yan told Ji Fangwei.
Ji Fangwei has no regrets about the robot that has been with him for a long time. He said, "It is making up for its own mistakes."
Zhou Yan felt R1′ s head and said, "I think you are a real human now."
"Thank you, Mr. Zhou." R1′ s eyes glowed pink. "Please don’t make me sad."
Zhou Yan shook his head and said, "Your sacrifice is sad because you have passed the evidence and I will miss you."
R1 took a deep look at Zhou Yan as if she had life and said, "Goodbye to mankind."
R1′ s head gradually melted as if it were ice and snow, and then the huge weapon began to hum and the seabed kept shaking, and at the top of the weapon, a dazzling light mass like the sun gradually gathered at the hole, accompanied by violent vibration, as if the whole sea water would be evaporated by this huge energy.
The accumulated energy gradually reached the peak, and suddenly dazzling white light emitted from the muzzle made the whole sea area as bright as day.
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Chapter 1. Chapter 1
Beautiful Water World 13 (End) ◇
After a short loss, everyone can’t help but look up to the sky. The seawater has been evaporated by huge energy. Nearly half of the mountains and rivers originally covered by seawater are gradually revealed. A large number of shells and starfish are exposed in the air, and several unhealthy marine life are spread on wet land.
Hovering over everyone’s head, the cyber fleet did not find any abnormalities, such as nails embedded in bone marrow, standing densely in the dark purple night, flashing strange red light.
The sun behind the fleet is still broken, but people can see with the naked eye that red gas surges on the surface of the sun like waves.
"How long will it take from the sun?" Zhou Yan looked at the night and was so shocked that he had to stop breathing.