The original is already a corpse on Sunday; It is in the situation that the quasi-saints are deadlocked in place; Suddenly I opened my eyes.

Sunday is not playing dead; It is inevitable that you will encounter some post-bite, and the strength of the post-bite will be determined by the strength of the post-bite. It should be a matter of course that the strength of the post-bite will not be controlled and the rule of destruction will bite you to death on Sunday.
However; Although Sunday said that he did die in that destruction rule, Sunday was at that time; It is another life-saving ability.
The detective changed seventy-two; If each change can penetrate into a considerable level of life; Then in addition to being able to have all the abilities of the other party when transforming into the other party; When Sunday dies, Sunday can also get a chance of resurrection by eliminating that ability to change, and because of the fact that the detective has changed seventy-two times, this ability has made this magical power change seventy-two times, which means seventy-two lives.
As far as supernatural powers are concerned; The additional ability of the seventy-two changes of the detective is absolutely quite b even those saints; One by one will be quite greedy.
Unfortunately; It is too difficult to practice Xuangong, and ordinary monks can’t practice it. It is impossible for them to have that magical power and practice Xuangong. Although you can practice seventy-two changes in the dungeon; Seventy-two words of evil spirits entering the earth; Then the other side’s weakest strength also needs to reach the quasi-saint level, but how many people can really practice the Xuangong to kill the quasi-saint? Sun Wu and Yu Ding may have that strength after they are two Yang Jian, but they even have that strength; If they want to truly transform a quasi-saint into their magical power, they can’t do it themselves unless a saint helps them; Otherwise, they still can’t practice that ability.
Did the previous practitioners who turned to Xuangong practice the additional ability of seventy-two changes of the earth demon on Sunday, regardless of at least Zhou Tianren; At the beginning, it was a coincidence that several fiends were successfully refined into their own demons’ seventy-two magical powers. Then, although those quasi-saints were infiltrated into their magical powers because of such opportunities, they still made Sunday have two more lives than others because of refining two fiends on Sunday.
In front of the rule of destruction, Sunday was dead, but it was given a chance to resurrect because of the seventy-two changes of the evil spirit in the world. However, the fact of Sunday has never really died, but it is because Sunday has been suppressing what he did when he resurrected that he has been lying on the ground loading dead bodies without any other movement.
Now; It was not until that several quasi-saints were deadlocked beside Sunday that they did not move for a long time. On Sunday, they were resurrected in the semi-compulsory situation because they could no longer suppress the magical power.
Eyes open; At that time, Sunday died, and I don’t know what happened after his death. Sunday didn’t know anything about what happened after his death, but just a few quasi-holy words; Sunday, that’s a department. I remember it.
Although I don’t know what happened, I remember on Sunday that the quasi-saints were former members of the quasi-saints who besieged him and then; Those quasi-saints seem to have been hit hard for what reason after waking up; Zhou zai just needs to know so many things.
No matter what else, it is enough for him to know the current situation on Sunday and do something accordingly.
At present, there are several enemies who have been hit hard. Sunday is naturally knowing that you need to do it at this time.
No matter how the other side is injured, since both sides are enemies; Then those quasi-saints are in such a state in the eyes; What needs to be considered at this time of Sunday is to kill those quasi-saints.
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Strong return
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Strong return
It may not be a secret in Pangu Universe that seventy-two changes of the Dungeon can make people have more life abilities, but other universes don’t know that the skill of turning Xuangong is naturally more known to the magical power of seventy-two changes of the Dungeon. They suddenly found that it should have been dead. On Sunday, they suddenly opened their eyes. Nature is one by one was startled by Sunday.
Because of the root, I didn’t think that the dead man would suddenly come back to life on Sunday because the quasi-saints froze at the first time they opened their eyes on Sunday until Sunday attacked them. Those quasi-saints failed to respond at the first time.
Sunday’s strength is stronger than those of the quasi-saints, although even after the resurrection of the seventy-two changes of the underworld; Zhou Tianshen’s injury did not recover, but he was in a state of Sunday at that time; At least, the strength has remained nearly 10%, but it is those quasi-saints; One by one, the state is now extremely poor; Even ten percent strength is hard to keep changing; Those quasi-saints are more unlikely to be Sunday opponents.
Reach out and punch out a few times; In those quasi-saints’ roots, there was no urgent response, and Sunday succeeded in killing two quasi-saints.
Then; When Sunday killed those quasi-saints, other quasi-saints reacted at that time, even though they didn’t know that they were already dead, but they still knew the danger when they faced Sunday’s attack. Don’t give Sunday a chance to deal with them. Those quasi-saints will show their strength on Sunday at the same time; Immediately also responded at the first time.
Retreat; This is the only choice for those quasi-saints not to say that the strength shown before Sunday is beyond their ability to deal with, but to say their state; It’s impossible to cope with Sunday’s attack on those quasi-saints if they don’t want to die; So when they face Sunday, they really have to retreat.
However; There is nothing wrong with those quasi-saints’ decision to retreat when facing Sunday, but those quasi-saints want to retreat, although there is nothing wrong, but they obviously have not considered one problem, that is; They want to return that Sunday, but they don’t seem to want to let them go.
Things have come to this on Sunday, but those quasi-saints died once. Now, although it is said that they have defeated those quasi-saints, this does not mean; Sunday really doesn’t care about what those quasi-saints did before.
Now; Now that you have the opportunity to get those quasi-saints fighters, Sunday will never let go of the reason to see the quasi-saint want to escape. When Sunday’s eyes shrink, it will immediately pursue the quasi-saint exhibition at that time
The figure flashed; Sunday will disappear in the same place until Sunday appears again; On Sunday, it was already at the side of those quasi-saints. Sunday also didn’t give the several quasi-saints a chance to speak before they appeared; Sunday is word; Immediately, it was also at that time that several prospective holy exhibitions were attacked.
After that, the situation is very simple; According to Sunday’s strength at that time, how could those quasi-saints block Sunday’s attack? In the face of Sunday’s attack, those quasi-holy bases did not play their strong strength, but simply made a few defensive moves and died one by one in Sunday’s hand
After successfully killing those quasi-saints; On Sunday, I was relieved at that time and formally induced my eye condition.
Without knowing it; When Sunday induced a state of oneself, it was immediately shocked at that time.
"How can there be so many merits?" Because there are still a few quasi-saints who have not been killed, I have been there all Sunday to kill those quasi-saints, and I am trying to be in such a situation; On Sunday, nature is not too much time to pay attention to your physical condition.
Now; After successfully killing the last few quasi-saints; On Sunday, at that time, I felt my body suddenly, and at that time, I found that I didn’t notice the situation on Sunday, but my body was unconsciously, since I had a great merit; There are many merits, but they are enough to surprise Sunday.
How many merits can you get by killing a quasi-saint? It’s clear from Sunday to Sunday. Zhou Tianyan has also personally killed several quasi-saints if Zhou celestial bodies have some merits; Sunday to also won’t say much, because since Sunday killed some quasi-saints, some merits should be very normal.
But; Now the problem is that on Sunday, the number of merits and demerits of my body is so much that I have gained by killing hundreds of quasi-saints. Even if I save a few worlds on Sunday, I may not be able to get it. Now I suddenly feel that I have so many merits and demerits. To say that there is no reaction on Sunday; That is naturally impossible.
However; After calm down; Sunday quickly accepted the result at that time. Although the specific situation is not clear, Sunday remembers that when he died of self-attack, the number of quasi-saints besieged at that time was inconvenient to reach hundreds. Now, although I don’t know what happened, it seems that those quasi-saints are already dead from the point of view of their merits. And killing those quasi-holy things is also recorded in Sunday for such a reason; Around the celestial bodies that will be so much more merit.
I don’t know the details, even if I don’t know Sunday’s feelings for myself, such as killing those quasi-sacred things, but I’m not very worried. Since Sunday has already won many merits and benefits, it is natural for Sunday to be other things, so there is no need to investigate them.
On the contrary; After many merits; Sunday is at that time quickly digested his harvest this time.
Although the eye on Sunday is to kill the freshman approval saint, Sunday does not recognize it; The number of quasi-saints in the world is only a little, and since the rumors have not been eliminated, other quasi-saints will still stare at Sunday. It is an accident to kill those quasi-saints this time. If this happens again; Then Sunday may not be able to achieve such a big result.
So; If you don’t want to die on Sunday, then what you need to do most is to work hard to improve your strength, and when Sunday’s strength reaches a certain level; Once again, in the face of the big approval of the holy encirclement and suppression, Zhou Tiancai will not fall into a desperate situation again
If you want to improve your strength; Then the best and easiest way for Sunday is to refine those merits. I believe that depending on the number of merits, if Sunday can refine its strength; It is bound to be a major breakthrough when the time comes, not to say that it can be sanctified; At least some progress should still be made in terms of combat power.
Sunday requirements are not high; If after refining those merits; He can raise some strength; The Sunday when he finally gained the ability to control the rules of destruction was considered as a failure to become a saint; Also can protect themselves.
Think of the power of the destruction rule; On Sunday, when my heart was hot, no matter where I was, I directly refined those merits.
Merit promotion; It’s not a time-consuming thing, but it doesn’t mean that refining is very difficult; If you really want merit to improve your practice; Those merits can be directly transformed into mana, and such a transformation process can be achieved almost instantaneously; Although there are many merits of Zhou celestial bodies, the whole refining process is and has not been huā for too long.
Yes; On Sunday, when refining those merits, although it was not huā, how long did it take? But on Sunday, when refining the merits, the noise caused was not as big as usual.
Zhou Tianyuan came to speak; It is already the most powerful quasi-saint besides saints. Now; On the original basis; On Sunday, once again, after taking advantage of merits to promote his strength, Sunday’s breath is even stronger in this promotion process.
On Sunday, I didn’t care too much about the situation. The waves of coercion sent out by Sunday’s consciousness posed a great threat to those creatures around me. When I sensed the danger, I immediately left the place, and the creatures were not those who were not available. On Sunday, however, many people were injured by their breath and even died.
Although the area where Sunday is located is very dangerous, there are still many creatures who will venture towards that area.
The reason is very simple; At the beginning of Sunday, however, hundreds of quasi-saints were at war. After the death of nòng, those quasi-saints were killed on Sunday, they immediately closed up and absorbed their own merits. However, they did not see many reasons for their other advantages. Root didn’t want to put away.
So; Although in the glue destruction storm, most of the weapons and magic weapons owned by the dead quasi-saints have been damaged to some extent; No matter how damaged the quasi-holy weapon is, it is for those creatures in fairyland; But it’s still one by one, baby
Moreover; Don’t say some broken weapons, if you are really lucky; Even it is not impossible to find their bags from those quasi-saints’ bodies. If a fairyland creature can find a quasi-sacred bag, it will certainly become another quasi-saint according to the numerous resources in it. At least it should be no problem to make further progress in fairyland.
All quasi-saints want to be holy; In the same way, all fairyland creatures also want to be sanctified. Those quasi-saints can take the opportunity to be sanctified and take risks. Those fairyland creatures are naturally the same. It’s time to do things in order to become a saint

Like a puppet who lost her soul, she wander along that sea street and suddenly found a strangely decorated shop on the pedestrian street opposite the gymnasium, with advertisement written in both Chinese and English in the shop window, which made Alice shine.

Magical magic weight loss liquid ten minutes to lose weight one kilogram live experience center
For this kind of advertising, Alice will definitely brag about it to attract customers, and she is extremely irresponsible. No matter what business reputation, such as signing a contract to lose weight, the promise of refund can be seen everywhere, but if you really take his promise seriously and ask the merchant to sue, the merchant will give you a shameful excuse or put the blame on your eating habits. If you want the merchant to get a real refund, you don’t want to.
This is the most exaggerated boast Alice has ever seen. This promise sounds even harder to believe than Alibaba’s story. But now Alice is in despair and would rather believe that it will be rare. This will be her only precious opportunity. She doesn’t expect to lose one kilogram of fat in ten minutes. If she can lose one kilogram, she can go to Taiwan to participate in the competition again.
When Alice walked into the Shennong Tuanhai franchise store, Miss Guan Sunny, who was in charge of the store, was surprised. Anyone who applied for the franchise store manager must be a fashionable young lady, Miss Sang Ni, but she knew Alice, a famous singer in Europe and America.
When she heard that Alice came to the sea to participate in the weightlifting competition, but lost the qualification for the competition because of the delicious food in China, Miss Sang Ni immediately took the Shennong group’s slimming liquid to prepare Alice to lose weight quickly.
Although Shennong slimming liquid is really amazing, it is still very difficult for Alice to lose one kilogram in ten minutes.
Because Alice is an athlete, her body fat is pitifully small, but she weighs 100 kilograms. How much fat can she have together?
Shennong slimming liquid can only reduce fat, but not even human muscles. Facing the skinny Miss Alice Sang Ni, it really feels like a hand.
In the end, there is really no way for Miss Sang Ni to be lucky in Alice’s sexy and plump buttocks. Fortunately, this slimming liquid is temporary to lose weight, and everything will recover after at most three days. Otherwise, the sexy beauty’s plump ass will be deflated, for fear that several teenagers who have a crush on Alice will go crazy. At that time, those guys who have too much money to spend may directly charter a special plane to tear down the Shennong group.
Once again, the toughness of Shennong slimming liquid has been verified. Although Alice, an alternative weightlifter, has almost no fat to lose, Miss Sang Ni still uses her wonderful hands to dig 5 kilograms of fat from Alice’s buttocks and abdomen in ten minutes. When she comes to Sang Ni, she wants to put her claws into Alice’s chest, and Alice will fight against it.
When Alice looked at the different numbers before and after weighing, everyone was shocked. Shennong slimming liquid turned out to be such a simple thing to lose weight. She didn’t even know whether the coach had suffered so much before losing weight before the game. If the coach deliberately cheated her world, why should he work so hard to lose weight?
Alice froze for a long time and suddenly thought that the final weighing time was coming, so she immediately exclaimed that she didn’t come, said thank you to Miss Sang Ni, jumped up and rushed towards the gym.
When Alice returned to the gym, it was less than five minutes before the final weighing time limit, and her coach had picked up things and was ready to go home.
Seeing Alice go back and forth, the coach’s face didn’t slow down at all. He wanted to reprimand a few words, but Alice gave him an OK gesture and excitedly said, coach, I have lost weight.
At first, the coach doubted whether Alice had taken medicine. In that case, there is no point in taking part in the competition.
When he heard that Alice had actually lost 5 kilograms in ten minutes, the coach was completely stupid.
There was nothing unexpected in the contest. Alice didn’t get very good grades, but she still got a fairly good ranking.
However, the coach seemed to have discovered a new continent and knew that the world was so magical to lose weight, so he accompanied Alice after the game to prepare to package the slimming liquid department in that store.
You know, after their national weightlifting team asked for this kind of slimming liquid, the players could lose their kilograms before the competition, so it was not a fish in the water in the competition
However, when they just came from the gym, they were startled.
Remember everywhere you look. Although Alice has made a big name in the entertainment circle, she has never seen so many memories. The gate of the stadium has been completely surrounded by the fans. A rough estimate is that there are at least six or seven hundred memories here.
When coach Alice took one of those notes, she immediately rushed forward excitedly and counted the flashing lights, so that two people’s eyes could not see anything except white in an instant.
The situation is completely out of control. We have surrounded Alice and her coach on the third floor. All kinds of questions have been bombarded with Alice, but they are almost all about the Shennong slimming liquid problem, which is even more evil. We took the camera at Alice’s hips and slammed it.
Alice, her coach, came to prepare to keep the matter of slimming liquid strictly confidential, but she never imagined that the news would come so quickly. Moreover, these records are not recorded by China media, and those of foreign media in China are estimated to be less than those in overseas countries. Now they are all here. It seems that everyone knows about Alice’s slimming liquid.
Later, when Sang Ni saw that Alice was now in the Shennongtuan franchise store, she realized a good opportunity for speculation, so when she received Alice in person, she specially asked a clerk to take a digital camera and shoot the process.
Of course, it wasn’t filmed when Miss Sang Ni helped Alice to lose weight by hip massage, but the conversation between the two people was recorded in part. Finally, after Alice successfully lost 5 kilograms of fat, Alice’s excited screams were recorded without missing a trace, which revealed why she wanted to lose weight more than Alice.
When Alice left, Miss Sang Ni immediately became a video file and then instructed the shop assistant to go from a bystander’s point of view.
In order to avoid trouble, Sang Ni immediately except the shop assistant and deleted all the records of the shop assistant in the franchise store, but promised to pay her five times the salary. At the same time, she promised to apply to the head office to let the shop assistant go to the head office if this thing was successful. The speed of information broadcasting was quite terrible. When the famous video was in China and the country at the same time, the broadcast rate rose to a very terrible value after just ten minutes, and it soon attracted the attention of all major media. Alice, a singer, was a binary star. The thickness of the news and Alice actually went to the streets to lose weight before the game, and therefore passed the weight check. The most important thing is that the process of losing weight turned out to be just ten minutes, which is even more explosive news.
Those with a keen sense of smell immediately flocked to the gym like crazy, which turned this common and friendly sports competition into a media meeting place. Even those with a poor sense of smell found that their peers in the sea were all merging into the gym, or their stupidity was all in vain. When this happened, they were behind, so they were not in danger of being fired.
However, these memories are not slow, but when they come to the stadium, the game has already been staged, which will not affect the players’ play. In the course of the game, it is absolutely impossible for people to casually enter the ground. When several security guards see so many memories coming like crazy, they are so scared that they quickly hold the gate firmly, regardless of the threats and inducements, that is to say, they refuse to wait until the game is over. These security guards are almost too tired to go into shock.
Because Alice came to China this time to participate in sports competitions, she will not bring economic agents, but she will have more experience than immature ones. Alice took pains to remember what she had experienced in dealing with such emergencies. Finally, she had to confess the fact that she had gone to Shennongtuan franchise store to lose weight before the game and personally confirmed the miracle of losing 5 kilograms of fat in ten minutes.
The whole world is crazy, and the major media reports that the fastest guns are coming.
Because too many media participated in this interview, they all racked their brains to make a detailed report on this incident from different key points and added some subjective comments. Some people even dug up the clue of Shennong group and went to various forums because of this incident. Almost 15% of the popular posts in the top ten forums that day were discussed by Alice Shennong slimming liquid.
First of all, the question of whether this slimming liquid is legal in sports competitions has been fired. It is almost a public secret that weightlifters lose weight before the competition. Many people will try their best to lose weight before the competition by joining the lower weight level. Since this is the case, it is no big deal to lose weight with slimming pills.
Generally speaking, athletes’ weight loss is a method of eating water control combined with heavy negative exercise, which is a rather painful way to lose weight. Athletes are not allowed to eat staple food or even drink water during the weight loss period, and they live on a little green vegetables and a small cup of yogurt every day.
When the weight-loss method of weightlifters was exposed, many people who were full and supported criticized the sports training departments of various countries for implementing this weight-loss method. This is simply inhuman. Since it is necessary to lose weight, why not just rub Shennong weight-loss liquid two hours before the game? This method is convenient and safe. It is recommended to promote it vigorously.
On the other hand, the opponent thinks that sports competition is a kind of spirit, so it’s wrong to lose weight before the game. Even if you want to reduce it, you have to always reduce it. This horse can also reflect a little sports spirit and perseverance, and losing weight like this drug is simply naked and harmful. If you are bold and honest, you may lose more than ten kilograms at a time and cross two weight classes. This is not obvious bullying.
Therefore, people simply suggested that the World Weightlifting Association should list the Shennong slimming liquid as a prohibited drug for athletes, and immediately disqualify him from the competition.
A war of words like this is being fought everywhere, and it is impossible to win a battle for a while.
But aren’t the people involved in the discussion interested in this kind of thing?
The answer is no, of course.
Female animals are always more interested in losing weight than men, but they can’t care whether this kind of medicine in weightlifting competition should be used to lose weight. They should know that a liquid in this world can make you slim in ten minutes. You are rich, but it is no longer a fantasy to take a slimming bath with this kind of slimming liquid.
Although the customers who have visited Shennong slimming liquid say that this slimming liquid is a temporary slimming liquid, it is not a lot of words to lose fat, but it may be completely restored in two or three days. But so what? Now it is a fast-paced era, what people pursue is that they used to hold on to it and don’t care about eternity, especially those fat sisters who have been troubled by obesity, so that they can really lose weight once, even for a short day, and let them taste the taste of being Diao Chan. Then, even if they are allowed to live for a few years, they will not hesitate.
But now it’s really such an opportunity that they don’t have to pay the cost of their lives, exercise or diet to lose weight. It takes some money to achieve this goal. Which beauty-loving fat sister will not be moved? Although the price of this weight-loss liquid seems to be a little expensive, will the price be a problem for great women who can even ignore their lives?
Therefore, after this incident, after the forum quarrel, the major media reports on Alice’s weight loss before the game were tantamount to giving Shennong weight loss liquid an advertisement covering the ball, and Alice, a singer and amphibious star, became the spokesperson of Shennong Group.
At that time, fat women, fat sisters and fat women all over the world are crazy, and they seem to be looking for this magical slimming liquid locally. Of course, most people believe that this is a kind of product that has just been produced in the market for a few days, and this kind of product has to be sold in Shennongtuan franchise stores. The most annoying thing is that this franchise store is actually in several provinces in southern China.
So in these cities, acquaintances immediately asked people to buy them, but they couldn’t find acquaintances so that they sent a purchase sticker to Shennong Tuangong’s mailbox.
Just four hours after Alice was interviewed in front of the gymnasium, Shennong Group was set up in 100 franchise stores all over the country, which were out of stock almost at the same time, while those who went there late refused to leave, as if they would miss their lifelong happiness if they missed this time, as if they had to force the franchise stores to transfer goods immediately.
Later, influenced by the weight loss frenzy, even the Shennong group was not noticed, and another Shennong freckle-removing capsule was also snapped up. At first, women’s faces were spotted like men’s Hong Kong feet, and there were almost five or six meetings in ten. However, most women went through painful freckle-removing experiences and didn’t spend their faces after all kinds of expensive freckle-removing. Even if they were lucky enough to love beauty for a long time, they could accept their fate and gain wisdom. When they saw what was blown up, they wouldn’t dare to mess up again.

I have seen the contents in the bag, and all the old people in the pavilion were immediately angry. Fan Zeng lowered his head and moved his mouth with mocking eyes, and the light was hidden in the half-drooping eyelids.

No matter what Fan Zeng is thinking at this time, several of them feel more pleasing to the eye as they look at Fan Zeng. It’s cold. Before someone gave a pillow, they were still worried about how to explain to the world that this award was so shabby and shameful. Fan Zeng sent them a reason. It is her honor for Liu Bi, a woman who has no background and can gasp at them, to make sacrifices to their reputation.
Chapter 276 Five years
Liu Bi knew that it was disgusting to let her go to cloud nine to send the award. People there thought it was nothing to deduct something from the award, but I didn’t expect someone to give some advice to those who were getting more and more stupid, and let them make a decision that they regretted afterwards.
However, before Liubi gave gifts, not all the departments fed the baiwenhang. She received the pavilion for the first time, and the old people decided to carry her out as a scapegoat. As the saying goes, the arm can’t be twisted but the thigh is worse. In front of Tian Shu Palace, she is not even natural. She immediately ran away after receiving the scenery.
Holding the idea that you are unkind and I am unjust, Liu Bi pretended to be suspicious at a meeting with many practitioners before running away. It was because someone suppressed some of the survey results that Cang Shuo and Yu Wen’s family turned against each other.
Although it’s Liu Bi’s word and credentials, the divination masters can ignore this. Moreover, there are some people who are willing to do it. Soon the news will spread all over the world. What is the result of the investigation? Secondly, most people are very concerned about who suppressed that part of the investigation, which made the Yuwen family and ascended a cloud against each other. There are many twists and turns.
Yuwen family is currently active in front of people. Yuwen Ji, the first parent, once occupied Tian Shu Palace. Although he didn’t take over the old identity, he still spoke a lot in Tian Shu Palace. Wei Wei was still dissatisfied with this, but he dared to talk privately about who the founder of Tian Shu Imperial Palace was the ancestor of Yuwen family, and the position of Yuwen family as the first family in the mixed world was indeed worthy of the name.
Besides, when the Sect of ascended a cloud was founded, few people knew that it seemed to appear in front of people, and they had considerable strength to provoke them. In the end, they realized that some people couldn’t provoke people who didn’t usually participate in things, but they definitely didn’t keep a low profile. If there were ascended a cloud, the movement would definitely be small again and again. What is mysterious and powerful for the world?
One is the first family in the mixed yuan world, and the other is a powerful clan with a mysterious veil. If the two collide, it will definitely make the mixed yuan world pull up a huge wave. It’s anyone’s guess what it will turn into. It’s just a matter of figuring out that there is a faint conspiracy. The Yuwen family actually let Liu Yaoxin do something, and the Yuwen family has never tripped over Cang Shuo, Qingyun and Ji Qian in the dry yuan world.
There is no shortage of wise people in the world, and everyone in Yuwen family and ascended a cloud kept silent. Even after the incident of Cangshuo and Yuwen Haojie, Cangshuo and Qingyun and Ji Qian did not do those things. Later, Yuwen family and ascended a cloud found that there were many people who wanted to fan the flames, and there was no news soon. It was not until that year that Ji Qian, Cangshuo and Qingyun brought dry world practitioners to join the alliance that they were reminded of some of the past events.
Now, people who have experienced those past events can’t help but exclaim, "Are you finally going to settle accounts?"
Things have developed unexpectedly again, and the Yuwen family and ascended a cloud still didn’t respond this time. All kinds of speculations were flying all over the sky, even if someone dared to ask them face to face, they didn’t move. They didn’t ask anything, that is, they didn’t say anything, but they couldn’t do any speculation at all, but in fact, the Yuwen family and ascended a cloud didn’t idle.
It has been prepared for more than ten years, and there is just such an excuse. The Yuwen family’s rectification action has been stared at by the world every day. The Tian Shu Palace has decayed into a present state, which is longer than the history of Tian Shu Palace. There are also many problems in the Yuwen family’s department, and there is nothing to raise fat moths. It must be cleared up. This shows that the first family has come to the Ministry to rectify the movement, and outsiders have not heard any wind.
The ninth heaven doesn’t need to be rectified by the Ministry. It’s a general mobilization of Zongmen. It’s a necessary project, but the most lively thing is that those technical fields, such as exchange refiners, alchemists, symbols, arrays, etc., didn’t take out the closet part, told some experiences and new discoveries, or discussed some puzzles. Everyone at the audience knew that they had gained a lot.
Yuwen family cut off the dead branches and leaves, and ascended a good watering and fertilization effect, but the effect is the same. Without the wave resources, moths and eating an inside-out wall grass, it cannot be said that it is difficult for the family to break into Yuwen family department, and it is not easy to break into the department here. Now, due to more exchanges, many people are close to each other, and there is no room for provocation.
I didn’t see the Yuwen family and cloud nine make any big noise. People who like to watch the scene of bustle and people with ulterior motives are depressed, but some people are more depressed than them. After releasing some words, they have been covered in the past and have no chance to get in touch with the planners. There is nowhere to make them always say, be calm, don’t say, listen to these four words. I am tired of saying these four words, but I can’t find the right opportunity. If I am bored again, I have to hold back.
Compared with some people who are also anxious to repair heights, Hu Yingxue is really comfortable. Because of the communication in the exhibition department of the ascended heaven, she returned to the ascended heaven without closing. She took a group of disciples and grandchildren to join in the fun of the tournament or sat with an alchemist to exchange needed goods. She also didn’t forget to practice sword burial, test dreamland and ask the tower of heaven. She can often be seen in line.
Hu Yingxue’s fate with Ganyuan World is probably that in the end, he followed her to Cangshuo’s temporary home and fell to the blade, and then he ran to Kunwu Mountain. There is also a sword peak, but the blade is modeled after his sword peak. The sword burial trial dreamland is still in the blade, and the spirit of the first spiritual wisdom mountain is in charge, but the reward is the sword code. Because the master’s sword has not been found, it has been brought here by the blade.
Know sword burial trial dreamland naturally, there are many people eager to try their own island. Every day, people line up to find a door. Hu Yingxue and Luo Shenjun ask for a place. Luo Shenjun gave her a waterfront near Zhongfeng with a young hand. The so-called waterfront is a lake where a mother Xuan turtle Lao Wu also wants to settle down in the lake. After a fight, the two turtles actually met each other, which is a beautiful talk.
The Pagoda didn’t move into the cloud nine and was placed in Jiuqu Mountain. Although Hu Yingxue, the owner of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, was not fresh enough to give away something from the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. Naturally, it was better to put it in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion site. When Jia Cong left, he gave Zhang a burst of pictures and had trouble communicating with his classmates, so he ate it thoroughly. It was very convenient to arrange a send-off next to the sword peak of the blade and next to the Pagoda.
After the interview, the Pagoda has always been a money-making project in the Hidden Dragon Pavilion. Hu Yingxue will not give the Pagoda to Zongzhong Jiutian, nor will he take advantage of it in vain. Except for Hu Yingxue, the young pavilion owner and her straight people, others will have to pay for the stone.
To Hu Yingxue, I felt that all the disciples should be given a discount, but the result was that they were rejected. They became more and more friendly to each other, and the same family proved what it meant to be a good stone. If Zhang Qing hadn’t come forward to persuade them to pay a hundred tickets one by one.
And those people can not only spend money, but also earn Hu Yingxue. Let Zhang Qing arrange someone to help her set up an Yibaoge in Fengkuo City, and help those people in Zongzhong to sell things. Because it is a private property, Zhang Qing and Govin discussed choosing someone from Hu Yingxue’s servants who signed the life and death contract to take care of it.
Because it’s natural to sell things for the same family, it’s possible to draw as little as possible, but that’s how the store earns Lingshi or Man Cang can’t sell things. After communicating with each other, most of them will put new harvest or newly-born ideas into practice, which is particularly good to keep or send to their own families. All the others are thrown to Yibaoge to sell Lingshi for materials.
Dan medicine, magic weapon, symbol, array diagram, etc. are various and of high quality. Many people have already entered the door. Many people will still be dazzled when they see the shopkeeper take out the list. Therefore, after only one year of business, Yibaoge has become a must-see place for Fengkuo City. Now it has been five years, and there are definitely many people who come to the mixed world every day.
The business of Yibaoge is so good, naturally, some old forces like Wanbaoge won’t make a move, and some modest forces have died down before they make much noise, but it’s not Hu Yingxue or Hidden Dragon Pavilion, but Long Rui, the duke of Fengkuo City, who will directly expel several large-scale shops from Fengkuo City, and even the old forces like Wanbaoge are scared to stop immediately.
However, I heard that Hu Yingxue still sent the town building to be a machine puppet. The body of Yibaoge can’t be reduced. It has nine floors. It’s half wrapped around the building and half lying on the roof. It’s very eye-catching. A little observation will reveal that it’s not a living thing, but even if I don’t know whether it’s a machine puppet, the shopkeeper will be a little more afraid of placing it here.
On this day, a group of people came to the front of Yibaoge, but they didn’t directly walk in. The first seemingly gentle man looked up and someone immediately said, "This Taoist friend doesn’t worry that the red dumpling suddenly and violently hurts people. This puppet will attack Yibaoge people with intent."
The man’s voice just fell, and a bodyguard and a dresser behind him laughed. "My master, the puppet master of Red Dumpling, is an old acquaintance, and he probably knows a lot more about it than you do."
The active predecessors thought that this line of people should be born in an extraordinary way, so they wanted to take the initiative to sell well. It would be better if they could make friends with nature. After listening to the words of the bodyguard, how could they not recognize themselves? It was self-defeating, bowed their hands and turned around and left in a hurry.
After the man left, he raised his head and stuck his head out. "Is Wan Wenbin really looking for my master?"
Gentle man is Wan Wenbin. After he came back from Ganyuan World, he went back to Zongmen and closed it. He didn’t go out to smell speech until a month ago. He said, "I want to get together with Hu Shimei, but no one can see you, so I came to ask if it’s closed."
I shook my head. "The master didn’t close it, either in the sword burial trial or in the candlestick tower. I’ll inform her when you sit inside and wait for the master to come out."
L: That means not waiting too long. Wan Wenbin looked up at the sign of Yibaoge and smiled. "Then I’ll go in and sit down and wait. This store and Hu Shimei will have something good. I hope I can bring Lingshi."
I opened my mouth and gave a slightly giggle. "Only when there is not enough Lingshi can something be done. With Zhenjun and my master knowing friends, you can definitely default on who you owe first, and Zhenjun will not default."
"I’m sure I’ll put all my life behind me," said Wan Wenbin, taking his group of people into Yibaoge.
When Wan Wenbin entered the door, he moved his head back, ignoring the eyes projected around him. He lay on the top of Yibao attic for five years, shaking his head once in a while, never moving his head so much, not to mention communicating with people. A machine puppet is absolutely different from a clever machine puppet, and many people are shocked.
This impact is too great, and Wan Wenbin, who rose out of Dalian, has been valued. Wan Wenbin is a celebrity in the mixed world. Soon, it was said that he entered the Yibaoge industry. People from the city know that the shopkeeper and some things sold in the cloud nine came out from the cloud nine. Now Wan Wenbin, who is a mixed four-jie and one-friend, will not discuss again who is the shopkeeper.
This time, I didn’t let everyone down. At noon the next day, a luxurious treasure car filled with auspicious clouds was riding on a clouded leopard guard. The guard entered Fengkuo City and crossed several streets. Finally, he stopped at the gate of Yibaoge. The shopkeeper and Xiao Er had already waited at the door of the store to lift the bead curtain of the treasure car, so they turned over and bowed low.
A crisp impact rang out from the treasure car, wearing a white neutral robe and vestment. Hu Yingxue came out of the treasure car. Her hair was as simple as before, and she had a bun. Because the five-spirit sword could be stored as a body, the golden hairpin had long been on duty, and the color of the tunic was matched. Today, a white jade hairpin was inserted and a swaying jade carving butterfly was inserted obliquely. It seems that she is chasing the jade hairpin, and the lotus flower is very smart and more luxurious than those with pearls.
See Hu Yingxue posture tunic around immediately high and low sounded an alarm.
"It’s the five-star brother of cloud nine."
"Five-star brother is also a woman with ten/nine, and Hu Yingxue, a super-Dan medicine, was refined in Huimeng that year."
"If it’s really her, we’re not generally lucky to know that many people want to find her and beg for Dan when she comes back from the dry world. So many people with status want to meet her, but we met by accident."

"Good to send you twelve flags for fun!" Star Xuan said that the twelve gods recorded and flew over. At that time, the six colors were mixed and the fog rolled! Six flag gates blink and fly towards Deng.

By this time, Xuanmuzhu had already flown back and got the fairy rope tied by Xing Xuan, so she flew out to tie the old wild silkworm demon.
Just then, the three heads of Xing Xuan suddenly showed thirteen blood shadows around. Each blood shadow held a red flag and waved it everywhere. The yellow sand suddenly turned into a bloody blood, and in the sky, the blood clouds rolled, and the red blood was recorded flying around Xing Xuan. The bloody river was bitten and sang by the appearance of several devils in the ground and the sky emerged towards Xing Xuan.
It turned out that Deng Fei was also taking advantage of Xing Xuan’s rest for a while to find Xing Xuan’s trouble. Before refining 13 blood shadows, each with a bloody flag set up a large array of blood rivers around Xing Xuan.
This time, the fight is the opposite of the colorful, fierce and gorgeous horses attacking each other just now. However, it is already silent in such a vast desert, but everyone on both sides knows that this time it is a real life fight. Whoever moves fast in battle may live on the contrary, and the people who beat slowly will be wiped out and beyond redemption.
Xing Xuan’s deputy energy is concentrated in the twelve gods, and the three heads are turned in one direction. In the eyes, the red mans flash in my heart, and the double-yuan baby is superimposed and instantly put the body and mind into the highest command. The twelve gods record the cover and fly to Ying.
The eyes also saw that the twelve gods recorded Deng Fei’s head in King’s Landing, and the thirteen blood shadows of Deng Fei were also busy waving the bloody magic flag to move the blood river array.
I feel that among the three heads, "boom, a big ring, a number of gods rolled back and immediately cut off from the outside world. Even the twelve gods recorded and Xuanmuzhu fluctuated imperceptibly. I don’t know whether the six flag gates trapped Deng Fei or not. Whether Xuanmuzhu tied the wild silkworm.
I feel that my heart is in a state of agitation, and the monstrous blood waves in the large array are generally rushing towards myself. Several demons are biting their mouths in the blood waves.
Sewing clothes swelled up and made a debut. White light barely blocked the blood wave from the outside, but the pressure made Xing Xuan feel that his bones were broken and the immortal golden body seemed to be unable to withstand this huge pressure. Xing Xuan couldn’t help but open his mouth and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.
If this huge overwhelming is enough, the smell in the blood array is fragrant and poisonous, which not only makes people sleepy, but also makes them feel like they have been eroded, and the pain goes straight through their hearts and lungs.
"It’s amazing!" Xing Xuan today, however, saw that the blood river array was badly damaged. He suddenly bit the tip of his tongue and spit out a mouthful of painstaking efforts. Then he sacrificed the five obscene blood pockets in an attempt to put away the myriad blood in the blood river array.
Then where is the small five-yin-yin blood pocket collected? Compared with the poor and poisonous blood contained in the blood river array, it is only nine Niu Yi hairs, and the five-yin-yin blood pocket is just a little less stressful for a week.
Is the star Xuan hard to hurry all the time thousands of poisonous blood suddenly back out and return to thirteen red flags in heaven and earth suddenly clear up.
The thirteen blood shadows are busy flying towards the fallen E blood shadows and flying their heads.
There are twelve banners lying beside Deng Fei, which is the record of the twelve gods of Xingxuan.
It turns out that the record of the twelve gods of Xing Xuan was a little slow, and it was a moment when Xing Xuan blew on the flag. Eventually, Deng Fei was trapped in life and death, and the six arrays were disillusioned. It also dragged Deng Fei from high to make him lose the ability to control the large array of blood rivers and let Xing Xuan escape.
Look at the Xuanmuzhu next to it, but it is also when the wild silkworm is about to break away from the instantaneous bundle of fairy ropes and bind the old demon of the wild silkworm.
Xing Xuan plopped down to the ground at this time and felt a splitting headache. He couldn’t get up any more and had to tell nine head worm, who was also seriously injured. Mo Long Excalibur trembled and went to Deng Fei, who couldn’t afford to fall to the ground.
The Ying Fei took back thirteen blood shadows and resumed some skills a little. At this time, he also got up and tried to kill Xing Xuan.
Just then, I saw the sky suddenly burst into a bright light, and a huge cross lightsaber fell from the sky, and a case was split in Xing Xuan, Xing Xuan, Wild Silkworm and Deng Fei.
The wild silkworm was trapped by the fairy rope and used magic. When it was split by the cross lightsaber, there was a black smoke scream. It was already in a coma.
And the star Xuan was hit by this blow, and he also opened his mouth and spit out a big mouthful of blood and hurt the rickety nine head worm’s strong body, but there was no harm, but the cross lightsaber force knocked nine head worm to the ground and smashed the yellow sand into the sky
The cross lightsaber was also harmful to the shadow of blood. Deng Fei screamed that a shadow of blood was fast and dim, which was also hurt and hurt
"Haha, luck, luck actually met three mature masters fighting. Look at this magic weapon that fell to the ground!" As the sound fell from the sky, an old man and a young man came in white robes.
Xing Xuan lifted up his eyes and watched the old man who didn’t know much but was an old acquaintance. It turned out to be a paradise parcel. Chen Feng was upside down on the mountain road leading to Python’s tooth, and the five elements of Gankun migrated to the small one.
"Hehe, Martial Uncle, I told you, coming out and walking will definitely gain something. Hehe, alas, you are so small!" That Chen Feng said, lifting up his eyes, he looked at Xing Xuan’s body and soil. At this time, Xing Xuan was injured and showed his original appearance. He was recognized by Xing Xuan.
"Ha ha, it is Chen Fengzong who is a friend of Tianlong Daochang, the head of the door to seal the gods. If you save me today, you will surely benefit from heaven in the future! "Star Xuanlai promised to delay, but sometimes the Xuanmuzhu gave up the wild silkworm and quietly came to Chen Feng’s head.
"Ha ha, it’s good to say that Taoist Feilong has always been kind to your beautiful apprentice?" Chen Feng with a mass at the right hypochondrium toward the star xuan came along.
"My apprentice Ma came to Fei Qiong, Fei Long, Fei Hu and Fei Xiong Fei Yun, all of whom were behind. Today, we are trying our best to get rid of these two demons!" Xing Xuan doesn’t know that Chen Feng’s temptation is also full of nonsense. He moved out the elders who knew how to seal the door of God, hoping to scare off Chen Feng and the old guy who he called ShiShu in white.
Chapter DiYiWuJiu amnesia bead
"Fenger, don’t listen to his nonsense and hurry up. These guys have countless treasures!" Said the old guy in white, as soon as he put a huge cross in his hands, he rose to the middle cross. The light of the cross lightsaber was like a storm, and it smashed towards Xing Xuan, Xing Xuan’s doppelganger and blood shadow Deng Fei.
At this time, Chen Feng’s face suddenly showed a trace of cruel hands flying sword flying out to take the star Xuan head straight.
Where do you know that before he flies his sword to the front of Xing Xuan, a big green hand will pat down a green awn to cover the sky and poison into the body? That Chen Feng’s body will be smashed into mud without calling out, and the body will fall to the ground and the essence will overflow and blink into a pool of blood.
The old guy in white couldn’t help crying out with sadness. More cross lightsabers fell on the head of Xing Xuan.
At this time, Xuanmu Bead has stayed at Xingxuan’s head, emitting thousands of green lights, resisting all the cross lightsabers, while Xingxuan’s two places at once violently hit the cross lightsaber, shaking up and stunned the old man in white. What kind of body is this? I can’t see a piece of armor, but my body is hard to resist my cross lightsaber, and it’s too abnormal to get up again.
More abnormal condition is yet to come. Blood shadow Deng Fei has already breathed a sigh of relief to avoid the white old guy’s cross lightsaber and released it again. Three blood shadows are busy and descended on the white old guy.
The old man in white doesn’t know what to do. The cross lightsaber smashed the blood shadow avatar hard, but the lightsaber always passed through the body at the cost of killing the blood shadow avatar with a dim light.
See a blood shadow busy has been close to the white old guy Xing Xuan couldn’t help but worry. If Deng Fei passes through the body, then Deng Fei will instantly restore his skill and display his bleeding river array again. He can’t have the energy to spell it with him again. Twelve gods can’t work again.
Thinking of Xing Xuan nine head worm’s avatar Mo Long Excalibur, he suddenly flew out a sword and cut off the little blood shadow. He shouted, "Heaven is a fool." Do you want to die? That’s the magic of blood shadow, which absorbs people’s spirit and blood gas, and you will be finished if he penetrates the body! "
Words that white old guy cold sweat quickly gave up the attack star Xuan cross sword flying around all toward Deng Fei that thirteen blood shadow busy attack in the past.
Although the cross lightsaber is not dedicated to restraining the blood magic to the sword light, it is full of sacred spirit, and it is natural to purify evil. It is right that the blood magic has not been practiced, and it is also harmful to fly. In the blink of an eye, Deng Fei’s thirteen blood shadows are dim, especially when he is cut off by Xing Xuan’s sword, which is almost extinct.


Moments later, the silent moon Yunluo came.
"I have seen my father."
He knelt in front of the silent moon and made a ceremony, then smiled slightly. "I wonder if my father is looking for a son?"
"Get up and talk."
Silent moon lingers quietly looking at his son.
His dead moon is bleeding with real blood.
If Yun is a beauty, this child is like RuoYun in seven points.
There are two or three points like him.
Indeed, he has grown into a handsome and elegant man
"King Yunluo called you here because there is one thing he wants to ask you."
Envoys from all walks of life have come to ask for relatives and friends these days. I think he already knows [
Come, he can also choose a female wife directly.
However, he hopes that the other half of these children will be their favorite in the future.
How can we be happy if we are not together with two of a kind?
Just like he and Hua Yushi married her in the first place.
It is doomed that they will not have any good results
Like him and ruoyun.
He pity ruoyun and loves ruoyun, but he doesn’t really love her.
Is hidden … He hasn’t loved her yet?
I really love that girl in my heart.
But there is still a long way to go before love.
But it’s nothing.
They are all demons and have a long, long life.
One day he will love that silly girl.
There is no denying that it is in his heart. Section 468: A foreign article: A good marriage is doomed to heaven.
The only thing that ever made him love a woman.
Even now, the shadow of the woman who likes Shui Shui cannot be completely erased from his mind.
When I think of her, I will still feel a little melancholy.
But … already won’t feel sad and painful.
"Wang asked you what you thought about the fact that envoys from all walks of life came to ask for relatives these days?" [
Silent moon Yunluo leng leng, dark as night, flashed a different color in his eyes for a few seconds before slowly saying, "Father, princes and children are still young and don’t want to get married so early."
Looking at him thoughtfully, "Don’t want to get married early or don’t want you to get married early?"
He asked so directly that Yunluo’s face, which has always been very thin, was flushed with a blush.
He was a little embarrassed to hang his eyes. "Father Ying Erchen really hasn’t found the right person yet."
Ji Yue Liu Mark nodded with a smile.
He walked slowly to the side seat with his hands behind his back.
Even in front of his own son, he leaned in the eyes of the chair with a somewhat pondering smile. "If Wang should marry you now, would you accept it?"
Ji Yue Yunluo’s face changed slightly and hurried over. "Father, you let my son marry a woman I don’t love. Isn’t that harmful to that woman?"
Silent moon or shook his head "not necessarily when I was with your mother princess, didn’t I love her, too?" But then I got along very well. "
Ji Yue Yun Luo Ji Yue Liu Mark really wants to fix a marriage for him. Zhang Jun knelt on the ground as soon as his face was flushed, and looked up at him in a hurry. "Father, princes, ministers … ministers want to marry their right wife."
"But marriage has always been the decision of parents, and you are still in the royal family, and marriage is not your own business."
I don’t know how a little guy appeared in Yunluo’s mind.
The pink jade carving villain called him Yunluo brother villain sweetly.
It has been ten years …
Is the little girl okay now?
When he left her without saying a word, my little girl must be very angry.
After so many years, she still remembers her own section 469: A good marriage is destined to be 11
After all these years, does she remember herself?
Even if she remembers to meet again, will she forgive herself for leaving without saying goodbye?
He doesn’t know what he is insisting on.
I just don’t want to marry a woman I don’t like.
"Father, I can rely on you for other things, but this thing …" [
He knelt down and said firmly, "I hope my father will stay out of it."
Silent moon flow mark smiled gently. "How come Yunluo already has the right girl?"
"The father, the king and the son have no right girl yet."
Ten years ago, even if I had a different idea about that little girl, it must not be a relationship between men and women.
At that time, everyone was still a child.

The world media cloud Rome hundreds of different TV stations are paying attention to this game.

Although it is a pity to play the European football summit before the final decision, it is still the focus of attention.
Is it that Dream Team 3 beat Lazio to reach the final and became the first successful defending team after the Champions League restructuring?
Or is the ever-victorious teacher just better than the students, and the Blue Eagle is soaring again?
Chapter two hundred Interesting warm-up before the game
Lazio and Barcelona played at 7: 45 pm local time.
When the team was warming up before,
The fans entered the stadium an hour before the game.
Today, the north stand is still swinging
Even in the Champions League, Lazio doesn’t play at home for uneducated fans.
But speaking of which, who cares about the incorrigible now?
They are already finished.
A group of backbone cores have been caught in, which is to "pick up soap" according to the winning saying.
Non-indoctrinated groups have also been declared illegal organizations have been forcibly dissolved.
There are no non-indoctrinated groups now.
How about those members who are not civilized … Who cares about them!
The Barcelona players who came out to warm up also noticed the swinging north stand.
"It turned out to be true!"
"Lazio really banned those football hooligans!"
"Although I think it’s great that they did this, will it lead to some lack of fighting capacity of their fans …"
"I’ve heard all the names of non-civilizing schools in Barcelona, which are really famous … I think maybe we will play a more polite away game today, which is really good news for us!"
Not only Barcelona players are curious about the North Stand, but Barcelona fans are also interested in swinging in the North Stand.
They talked a lot.
They know what the Lazio North Stand is.
But they obviously don’t know much or they all have a little knowledge.
Barcelona fans are very happy to see the North Stand with their own eyes.
The incorrigible faction makes them worry about a group of people and football hooligans. There is no reason to say that now these people with strong fighting capacity have been driven out. How horrible is Lazio’s home court?
That’s not what we want?
This is awesome!
These Barcelona fans just believe that they have little knowledge of Lazio.
Don’t know much
I know a little, but I don’t know the most-they know that the incorrigible fans have been driven out, but they don’t know that Lazio’s fighting power is really strong!
Those Barcelona fans who want to do whatever they want at home in Lazio with a relaxed mind will have them suffer …
Lazio are warming up while Barcelona players and fans are talking about swinging in the North Stand.
They have long been used to the north stand.
Anyway, through these games, everyone knows the fighting capacity of ordinary Lazio fans.
They are no less than the incorrigible ones, and they are the main force to create the home atmosphere, as before and after the incorrigible ones were expelled.
Both teams are warming up before the game.
Although the TV broadcast has been signaled, the TV station does not broadcast live to the audience. At this time, various TV stations are doing various live programs in the rear.
What’s the good live broadcast of the warm-up before the game?
All you can see before the warm-up is the audience, the media and the reporters.
Don’t say this warm-up before the game is really interesting.
Everyone watched with relish.
Because there was an interesting scene on the court-Lazio was here at half time and Barcelona was there at half time.
Then the players from both teams formed two circles, and someone was playing monkey tricks!

"It’s really heroic that the North is too helpful to Garuda." The dwarf grabbed the table and suddenly slashed his ear with a knife.

Xiong has killed people and cut off other people’s ears in his life, but he never thought of cutting off his own ears to try it. Now he has tasted it, and it is not good.
"Now it’s your turn to cut. If you don’t cut, you can choose to throw in the towel and we’ll bet on the third game."
"It’s just one ear." Our hero was so malicious that he cut his ear and his eyebrows didn’t knit.
It’s a lot of money for Tang Tai to help a woman cut off her ear. The dwarf’s eyes suddenly showed cruelty and pleasure, and it felt like he was the overlord. He cut off this ear himself.
"It’s only one ear. Look at the price again." The dwarf suddenly slashed his left wrist with a knife.
Knife shining like snow.
This knife is obviously excellent, and the position of his knife is also excellent. It happened to be in the wrist. This knife didn’t cut the bone. It was very clever to unload a palm of your hand and spray blood on the ground. He quickly pulled out a piece of white cloth to wrap the broken wrist and didn’t wipe it. He laughed wildly and said, "Are you coming?"
Until this bully’s face finally changed, cutting his flesh and ears was nothing but pain for him, but it would definitely be a big discount for his martial arts if he cut his palm, which was really killing himself.
The dwarf looked like he knew you wouldn’t dare. He quipped, "You say you love her, but you don’t want her to pay like this three years ago, and you still do."
"Three years ago"
"Do you want to hear a story?" Perrin said slowly in a dignified tone in the dim candlelight. "A very strange, absurd and unruly story."
Cao Yiqi said, "You have to tell a story."
Perrin said, "You don’t want to listen to me. Haven’t you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder for us to breathe?"
No one talks about "breathing", but it doesn’t feel deep. When Perrin said this, Cao Yi also felt that breathing didn’t seem to be smooth, as if he couldn’t get enough oxygen every time he breathed. "How did this happen?"
"Because there’s not enough oxygen here," Perrin said in despair. "I calculated it and forgot that there would be not enough oxygen here."
"Oxygen" Cao Yi murmured, "This shouldn’t be. Is the stove mouth blocked again?"
Perrin said, "Don’t forget that this tunnel is very deep and the bottom of the stove is dusty. It is naturally difficult to circulate. In this case, it is very difficult to breathe oxygen for two people, so maybe we will be suffocated."
"suffocate" Cao yi suddenly said, "since you suffocate, why don’t you go out again?"
"I’d rather die if I go out and face that disgusting dwarf again," Perrin hated. "You can go out if you want, but if you escape and fall into the hands of that dwarf, you might as well die directly."
Cao Yi’s brow twisted into a Sichuan character.
"Before I die, I have a story that I want to tell myself if you don’t listen to it." Perrin said slowly. "My name is not Perrin. Perrin is a kind of grass. My name is Zhang Xiaolan."
Maybe she is desperate, maybe she has other thoughts, but it is a sad, bizarre and unbelievable experience to slowly reveal it in her cherry mouth.
Chapter three hundred and thirty Evil genes
Zhang Xiaolan’s name is not better than Perrin’s. It doesn’t have much cultural background, but it’s nice to shout and listen to Shu.
I heard her say in a strange voice, "I was born in an ordinary small town in the north. Although I look mixed-race, I am actually from China. My parents are both middle school teachers. They are strict and inflexible in my education, and I am also shy and conceited among my classmates."
Pretending to be lofty is the backbone of all China’s knowledge and also their sorrow, especially in this era, lofty is often insulted by the smell of copper.
"If I had followed this life drama, I might have taken the senior high school entrance examination, graduated from the university, and made a blind date. When I married a man, he was most likely a scholar and a child." She said that she had never lived in a strange and terrible way. "But it happened that when I was one year old, my parents died overnight in a foreign land. At that time, I didn’t know what to do. Who was the murderer? The police also hastily closed the case and lied that it was an accident."
"Can you imagine that a young girl suffered a tragic accident in an instant without help? From then on, I told myself that I had to be strong for life and revenge."
"Being strong, I’m afraid what she calls being strong is becoming evil," Cao Yi replied. "It turns out that her fickle and vicious character is caused by the shadow of her childhood."
"After ten years of exploration, I finally found out that the people who killed my parents in those days were too helpful."
Cao Yike can imagine what a girl needs to pay for taking a slow revenge. Fortunately, she can pay more than beauty, but he never imagined that she finally tracked down the person who turned out to be the overlord. He was surprised and said, "Isn’t the overlord your lover?"
Perrin Maybe she doesn’t want to be named Zhang Xiaolan before, but let’s call her Perrin. She said with a mocking look, "How can I get close to him if I don’t be his lover? How can I kill him if I don’t get close to him?"
Cao Yi thought carefully, "You say it makes sense. This is the best way."
To say that Cao Yi is absolutely not inferior to this Perrin from the perspective of interests, this is a good way, but I’m afraid Cao Yi can’t do this forbearance to commit himself to sleeping with an enemy.
"I shook hands with him for four years when I was sixteen, and three years ago when I was twenty."
Three years ago, three years ago, what happened three years ago will involve Perrin, Xiong and Dwarf. Oh, my god, three seemingly unrelated people. It was three years ago that the cause of this happened that led to today’s results.
Cao Yi said, "He saw through you and you ran away."
Perrin sneered at Cao Yi’s lack of imagination. She said, "He naturally didn’t see through my forbearance for many years. Just now, he had scruples in his heart. He looked heroic, but he was extremely suspicious. He didn’t really believe anyone and never spent the night in my room. But as the years passed, I grew more and more beautiful, and he became more and more obsessed with me. But I didn’t make a move once. I didn’t even dare to think that I would be a canary in my room. Even if you showed any signs, you shouldn’t have the word" death "in
Cao Yi is not surprised by this. After all, Garuda, who dominates the six roads, would have been eaten by people long ago if his scheming was not deep and his suspicion was not heavy. Just look at the copper face and the four girls’ means.
"But three years ago, he suddenly changed and took me everywhere to play. He took me to see him. He introduced me as his wife. He was willing to give me anything I wanted. People said that he was a lion and ate dragons and Dapeng birds, but I became a poodle in front of me." Here, her eyes turned gentle and affectionate, saying, "If you haven’t seen him, you won’t know how gentle and affectionate he is when he looks at me. Even a fire is submerged in his deep affection."
Cao Yi suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart. He found that Perrin’s feelings had changed here. She had been miserable for many years. The man * * lived a life of humiliation, but one day he suddenly became everyone and had everything. Maybe the man who had ruined her before was still trampled on her feet. I’m afraid the change in her heart is an outsider’s imagination.
People are very strange animals. They hate their teeth when they see other people’s high positions, but once they are in power, they become idiots who don’t waste or corrupt.
"You guessed it." Perrin could see his mind from Cao Yi’s eyes. "I finally had a chance to kill him, but I just couldn’t do it."
Cao Yi looked at her coldly and said, "You can’t stop. You can’t stop. Once you stop, no matter whether you succeed or not, you will lose the status and scenery of that person. You can’t stop being modest. Your childhood parents’ love is long gone for you. You don’t want to die. People will give up everything."
Perrin was told by him that there was a hidden acne in her heart, but she didn’t become angry from embarrassment. She sighed, "You’re right, I really didn’t do it at that time. I really wanted to live like this. Anyway, people will die a hundred years later, and he will die. Even if I take revenge, then someone suddenly appeared in front of me and disrupted all this."
Cao Yi blurted out, "dwarf!"
"Yes," Perrin said, "but have you ever wondered what he means, why do people take such names?"
Cao Yi told the truth, "I don’t know that Jianghu says a lot about this man, but no one ever knows what his real name is."
Do you know who he is, where he comes from and what he likes to dig people’s hearts?
Perrin said, "Do you believe me if I say that he is my uncle and his surname is Zhang Zhang Xiaojun?"
"Uncle" Cao Yi said "I believe"

Yi mark and others are also after the warfare platform for a moment. The old man glanced around and said in a serious tone, "Yesterday, 43 people in the first round of Jiubrake Mountain entered the second round today."

There are so many people worthy of praise.
During the practice period, the layer is easy to mark! "
Yi hen heard this, he immediately bowed slightly to the floating clouds platform and the audience and said, "Brother is here!"
"Xu Meiting in the practice period!"
"Brother is here!"
"The ninth floor of the practice period is quite successful!"
"Brother is here!"
"Dai Donghan, the ninth floor of the practice period!"
"The twelve-story screen during the practice period!"
"Brother is here!"
"Well, you forty-three people practice on the 11th and 12th floors for the time being. Others extract jade cards themselves and then play roulette! The fighting power is not good, and the elders help to heal and fight again in the backcourt. "
The old man said indifferently, with a wave of his hand, a light curtain suddenly covered the other side of the warfare platform, and a semi-circular film suddenly appeared in the warfare platform, covering the whole warfare platform completely inside.
Then a special elder led Yi Mark and a group of people to extract numbers and then roulette separately.
Yi Mark was the first to draw and got a "thirteen" number, and then the roulette wheel belonged to him.
This time, the roulette is easy to mark, and the roulette reaches the 17th, which means that he will fight with the person who draws the 17th number.
Extracting numbers continues.
Soon a man smiled at Yi Mark with a number plate in his hand.
This kind of smile is easy to mark and I have to say that it is very gloomy and insidious, because that kind of smile means no good.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
Yi Mark has some impressions about this person. Yi Mark knows from the mouth of the ancestor of Yunfutai just now that this person’s name is Dai Donghan, but he looks very thin and his hands are as slender as monkey’s arms!
He gives people the overall feeling that he is weird and cruel!
Qian Yi Mark deeply remembers the strength of these 42 people. Dai Donghan is a nine-story monk in the practice period, but his strength is extremely good!
After all, there are no vulgar people at this point!
The third Yangxin spring Chapter 112 Amazing strength [2]
The third Yangxin spring Chapter 112 Amazing strength [2]
Yi Mark looked at Dai Donghan’s face and changed slightly. Such a person is so thin, but if he doesn’t want to gain weight, he will know that this is a monk who is good at speed and strength.
When Dai Donghan left the warfare platform, Yi Mark bent down slightly to show the courtesy of fighting.
That Dai Donghan’s face is indifferent and nodded. It is natural to bear the etiquette of easy marks without replying. The whole process seems to be very natural.
Easy mark face slightly ugly each other to do so is not to see him in the eye.
Although I don’t care what others think, after all, I don’t want the enemy to be too frivolous than fighting Yi Mark, so fighting is meaningless to Yi Mark except when it is a wave.
Dai Dong hanyin some hoarse way, the word "ba" just finished, and his body suddenly shot out like a phantom, and a strong breeze suddenly hit the surface.
Easy mark slightly surprised heart already skilled to the extreme ethereal phantom of the opera posture directly make out his foot stepped on a few Yin and Yang five elements orientation and then very strange to Dai Dong culvert the blow to dodge.
Dai Donghan was slightly surprised. Obviously, he didn’t think that under such circumstances, Yi Mark could evade success.
His face changed from the most leisurely to a little more, and he seemed to pay more attention to the whole person.
Yi mark for Dai Dong culvert strength also has some fear, so at this time he is not hiding anything, but preparing to directly lock the soul achievement method.
The battle between the two men seems dull and uneventful, but two people know in their hearts how fierce the battle is.
Easy mark clear drink and then suddenly huge momentum rose up to lock the soul work to yuan god lock the soul avatar for the first time without reservation.
This time, naturally, it’s not like Yue Lingshan’s bearing that momentum yesterday. It’s just a shock.
In a clear drink, the momentum soared, and then the sound of "om ~ ~ ~" resounded through the heavens and the earth, just like things in China shook up and shook.
"Hum ~ ~"
I didn’t hear the sound of other people’s fire and poison, but in Dai Donghan’s eyes, it was like a death warrant.
Suddenly appeared in Dai Donghan’s ear, and his mind was almost lost!
And at this moment, the tremor passed directly through his body and in his mind.
Mind can’t help but shudder a Dai Donghan strength although extremely strong at the moment also completely intimidated!
His eyes were cold and folded, and his face suddenly showed an involuntary blank color. As soon as this face appeared, it was quiet and noisy.
In Dai Donghan’s mind, at the moment, it seems like a dream. He feels as if he has entered some kind of dreamland or a dream. Although it is close to his ear, it seems so unrealistic to let the Buddha go.
At this moment, easy to mark out without hesitation, fiercely appeared in front of Dai Dong Han’s hands. The vitality energy took the lock soul work achievement method-the lock soul palm was severely bombarded in Dai Donghan’s chest!
Dai Donghan’s body suddenly flew out like a broken kite. In this case, Dai Donghan has no resistance. If it is easy to mark his hands, he will die!
However, since it is too vicious, it is not allowed to be easily marked. Instead of taking Dai Dong Han’s life with a sword, he left a profound lesson by seriously injuring him with a palm.
Before each other’s practice at the moment mess defeat naturally formed a very fresh contrast.
Dai Donghan didn’t wake up until he fell to the ground and spit out two blood.
When he woke up, he looked at Yi Mark with more hatred and fear. It was this kind of look that he quickly concealed the past.
He seems to be a very silent person. Since he failed, he didn’t say anything about returning to the stage.
This failure represents that all his opportunities have disappeared from now on.
Although he hates it, he is not as good as others and he has nothing to say.

Violet couldn’t help but gasp in air. She stayed in this Buda Winter Palace, but she didn’t expect the law in the Winter Palace to be so wonderful. Rao is herself going to the celestial world with Xing Xuan this time. First, she was stolen by Xing Xuan into the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma pool, which reduced her karma, and then she swallowed it. She has grown for thousands of years, but she still didn’t realize that this Buda Winter Palace is a hidden track. No wonder Xing Xuan was so relieved when she left. This mysterious law in Buda Winter Palace is also a reason to reassure him.

I was thinking of a charming shout coming out of Buda Winter Palace, and then Bai Ling flew out of Buda Winter Palace and threw herself into Xing Xuan’s arms with a flash of white light.
"Brother Xing Xuan, you can come back. How did you kill Mao Tong?"
Listening to Bai Ling’s scruples, Xing Xuan smiled and said, "Mao Tong didn’t kill him, but he killed one hundred of his hands together with the two emperors in heaven!"
"Heaven two emperors? It turned out that he chased you personally. Oh, it’s no wonder that Violet’s sister Yuyu Qiongzhou is his mother’s magic weapon. Only he can track you down. But Brother Xing Xuan, you are a little reckless this time. Although Compaq Qiaoyi rebelled against heaven, it was the Indra Master who made a big mistake after all. I’m afraid that his father will forgive him and you will dispose of him on his behalf. I’m afraid Indra mainly came to trouble us. I know Brother Xing Xuan, you came back this time to take us away, right? "
Listening to the Bering machine gun, there is a long list of judgments and speculations. Xing Xuan and Zi Rui couldn’t help laughing at the same time.
Laughing, Bai Ling blushed and murmured, "Am I wrong?"
Just at this time, Black Moon, Mungo, Yunyang, Qiongzhi, Manyun, Yiren and Yili flew out of Buda Winter Palace to see that Xing Xuan and Zi Rui were safe, and all of them smiled with joy.
"Go in and talk about it!" Star Xuan said to them with a wave of his hand
Everyone is happy and the stars are holding the moon, surrounded by Xing Xuan and Zi Rui, walking towards the palace.
When I came to the palace, Xing Xuan turned around and saw the black moon and saw her lips micro-moving, as if to say something to herself, but forbear.
Xing Xuan couldn’t help asking Black Moon strangely, "Black Moon, if you have anything, just say it!"
The black moon nodded to Xing Xuan and said, "Mao Tong has been to the exchange!"
"Did she show you?" Star Xuan was surprised.
"I’m not sure that she didn’t give a new letter to the exchange now that we live in this palace. I’m afraid there is fraud in it and I dare not pick it up!" Black moon hesitated to star Xuan said
"It’s so dark. You did the right thing. That Mao Tong may be cheating you. Let’s wait until we have improved our repair skills!" Xing Xuan finished taking out more than a dozen suet jade bottles in the mustard bracelet. Everyone shared a Sanqing Dan and told everyone to eat it and step up their work.
They got the elixir and were very happy. They flew into the gathering spirit array to eat the elixir, and went to practice in such a big hall, leaving Xing Xuan and Zi Rui again.
"Haha, Zirui, this furnace can’t be idle. We have to make profits quickly!" Xing Xuan studied the ancient demon article and the divination furnace method several times early along the way. At this time, when I came back to my home, I was no longer worried about immediately urging Zi Rui to make this divination furnace.
"An alchemist?" Violet doesn’t know what Xing Xuan really means.
"Hehe, it’s not an alchemist, but you can’t refine me overnight!" Xing Xuan’s amazing words scared Purple Rui to white and speechless.
"Ha-ha, there is something wonderful about the divination furnace. There is no alchemy all the way. Purple Rui, please protect me. Just don’t let anyone near the furnace for less than 7749 days!" Star Xuan said a wrapped purple purple purple waist and turned around and was in a huge defensive array. With a wave of his hand, the nine holy skeletons flew out of the array and fell into the star Xuan’s neck. With the rotation of the star Xuan’s mind, there were layers of large arrays gathered around to protect the two.
"Purple pistil is well protected!" Xing Xuan finished offering divination, and the furnace body suddenly became smaller, and he went in along the unsealed furnace cover.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three
Star Xuan, who fell into the center of the endless rotation of Yin and Yang, suddenly felt a refreshing feeling from the skeleton of limbs to the body star Xuanda Lake. Suddenly, Zhang Liu Golden Body and one arm made a move to the furnace cover, and the furnace cover was tightly covered.
The furnace cover has just been covered tightly, and a huge fireball suddenly appeared in the furnace and burned towards the star Xuan body.
Star Xuanyiran is not afraid to read the newly-learned mantra, and the fireball suddenly flies away from his body, and the flame body slowly disappears into a relatively mild lux energy, followed by the Yin and Yang two gases spinning around the star Xuan.
Star Xuan saw that the first step had been to read the incantation handprint in the heart, and the scene suddenly changed. Dan furnace disappeared, black and white gas disappeared, and the lux energy flow disappeared. A brand-new world appeared in front of Star Xuan.
This heaven and earth is somewhat different from that formed by Xing Xuanyuan’s fishing out two filaments of yin and yang. In addition to the blue sky and the yellow earth, there is also a tall altar.
In the burning fire of the tall altar, the stone pillars lock one person with three heads and six arms, and the head of the golden body with a pair of golden eyes is the star Xuan.
Star Xuan felt that he was tied to the altar and didn’t panic. He secretly read the spell. The fire suddenly became more violent, and the wind generally called for the star Xuan to burn up.
In an instant, the six golden bodies and the chains that bound the stars and the mysterious bodies suddenly became red, and clouds of black smoke rose from the center. It was the flame that burned the karma of the stars and the mysterious bodies and was exercising.
Black smoke billowed and gradually flooded Xing Xuan’s body. Only the main head and a pair of eyes radiated red mans, which lit up the whole world like the night.
In this way, thirty-six days later, the black smoke was gradually exhausted, and the more refined golden posture of Xing Xuan gradually appeared.
Xing Xuan heard "crack" in the blink of an eye, and the sky suddenly cracked a gap where The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool was located.
Xing Xuan’s big hands flew out along the gap and reached inside, where they became adept and went straight to the hole where their karma was.
Reach out and grab the remaining karma, fly out of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool and continue refining karma at the altar.
Two illusory hands just came out of the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma pool, and a golden light followed Xing Xuan’s hand to fly out.
"How bold a thief is to steal karma by force!" With this big drink of golden light, the figure is revealed in this world, but it turns out to be a shining golden god.
On that day, when the myth was just exported, it suddenly looked up and saw this strange day, strange earth and this strange altar. Suddenly, it turned pale with fear and immediately knelt down to Xing Xuan and shouted, "I don’t know that the boss is practicing here to disturb adults. Please forgive me!"
"Am I very old?" Xing Xuan’s three heads looked at each other and saw that the skin was thin, white-browed, smart and not a little old, so I couldn’t help heart.
"Do you know who I am?" Star Xuan Shen asked the shining golden god way
"Who can create heaven and earth to rebuild the earth, fire, water and wind except the big men in the celestial world …" The man laughed and then his face suddenly changed color and cried, "No, the boss and the villain don’t know the identity of the boss, so please forgive the villain!"
Star Xuan listened to the thought in my heart that this little girl thinks of herself as a celestial figure. Celestial world and heaven have always been friendly to each other. This little identity is humble. Of course, I dare not speak out about the things that celestial people have crossed the border and entered The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool, so that I can spare his life myself.
Thinking of this, Xing Xuan slowly released the crescent shovel and the fan with five fires and seven feathers, and asked the shining golden god again, "Why did you change your duty in the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma pool today?"
"Back to the boss, the Western Elysium guards the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool, and today it is the villain who guards the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool!" The shining golden god asked nervously.
"Oh?" Xing Xuan’s heart moved again and again, and Hui Ke recognized himself as Tang Fei when he wanted to sneak attack himself. He heard her say that the Western Elysium and Heaven were jointly in charge of the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool. Today, it was confirmed again, and I couldn’t help wondering if the original was not managed by Indra.
"I heard that heaven has always been in charge of this place. Why did the Western Elysium join in? Has there been any change in heaven?" Star Xuan at this time to see the shining golden god so respectful tone to oneself also couldn’t help old-fashioned up and asked the shining golden god way
"Back to the boss, this is the layer that determines the humble status of the villain. I don’t know the specific situation. I will come to guard the villain in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool when I arrange it!" The shining golden god’s answer is equal to no answer, which makes Xing Xuan’s brow wrinkled.
"Are you playing games with me?" Star Xuan Yin gradually turned cold.
"Dare not boss man villain is vaguely heard the magic world and the nether world have a joint Indra God, this just gave up a part of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool and the western paradise Tathagata Buddha agreed to jointly resist the magic army ghost soldiers! I don’t know if the villain knows so many specific terms! " When the shining golden god saw Xing Xuan’s anger, he immediately shivered and quickly told Xing Xuan what he knew.
"Ha ha, you are honest!" Xing Xuan smiled and knew that he could cheat these words out of this shining golden god’s mouth, and he was not very clear about it.
"My Lord, if there is nothing else, I will go back!" The shining golden god knelt there and almost cried out
Star Xuan nodded his head, and the shining golden god was overjoyed and quickly escaped from Star Xuan, a brand-new world, and went into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Pool and disappeared.
Xing Xuan smiled and recited the spell in his mouth, but he heard the sound of "crack" and the smoke sounded again and again, and he flew out again to exercise karma and condense the golden body.

Paris Saint-Germain neatly rejected the offer of 36 million euros, and Valencia should make another offer soon.

Unexpectedly, this time they waited for a week and didn’t wait for the new offer.
Looks like Valencia should have given up.
It stands to reason that they gave up the pursuit of Ronaldinho, which should make Paris Saint-Germain feel relaxed.
But what Paris Saint-Germain is a little lost?
It seems that it is a very bad thing for the other party to give up …
Chapter two hundred and fifteen The storm fanned by a strong butterfly
Paris Saint-Germain must have never read the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and they don’t know that the idiom "playing hard to get" is even more familiar to Zhuge Liang’s allusion to Meng Huo.
Changsheng threw Paris Saint-Germain aside after being rejected.
After the 11-game draw with Racing Santander, the suspension of players has expired. albelda and Carvalho have been suspended for four games, and their ball supervisor can return to the team’s main lineup.
During this period, the team’s performance fluctuated slightly, which was also related to the incompleteness of the main team.
However, Changsheng still has two games to ban and can’t return to the coaching seat.
In Guardiola, Valencia beat Villarreal 3 at home.
But then they lost 12 away to La Coruna.
Due to Real Sociedad’s 1-0 victory over Virva in this round, their points are the same as losing Valencia!
Comparing the two teams with each other, it is not the goal difference or the number of goals, but the outcome.
But in fact, there may be no need to compare the winners and losers, because the two teams have a direct dialogue opportunity in the last stage of the league.
For Valencia, the league title competition has completely entered a white-hot stage from this time.
And the coming schedule is also a test for Valencia.
On the 35th League Match against Real Madrid at Home
In the 36th round of the League, the away game challenged the Royal Society.
The 37th round of the league matches Barcelona at home.
The thirtieth round of the league away game against Seville.
Guardiola is in such a hurry that he hopes to beat La Coruna and at least maintain a three-point lead over Real Society.
In this way, when I hand over the team to Changsheng again, it is at least not a disgrace to my mission.
As a result, things didn’t work out. In the end, his team lost to La Coruna, the third place in the league.
Resulting in an equal share with the royal society
This reality made him very depressed.
Call him the first time after the game.
Guardiola seemed a little depressed in the words. "Maybe I’m not fit to be a head coach. Today, my command is terrible!" "
"You’ve done a good job, Pepper. Don’t take it to heart. Give yourself a good holiday tonight," Chang Sheng advised.
But he didn’t sincerely advise.
Because if Guardiola’s confidence is destroyed and he doesn’t want to be the head coach again, it’s actually good for him, so he won’t be afraid of raising tigers.
Of course, if Guardiola must be the head coach and eventually become the Barcelona coach, he will not be afraid of him. He can help Guardiola with one hand and beat him again.
For Valencia, losing to La Coruna this round and being chased by Real Sociedad are all bad news.
But it’s not bad news
I’m going back to the coach’s seat because I won the first round of the league.
Valencia played Real Madrid at home in the first round of league, and always won when the team needed him most.
This is good news.
Because Valencia is the nemesis of Real Madrid, it is better to say that Changsheng is the nemesis of Real Madrid.
Before preparing for Real Madrid, Changsheng hung Paris Saint-Germain for almost two weeks, and finally made an offer again, this time still rising by 100 euros.
37 million euros
This is not a low price.
Although the money is not your own, you can’t throw all the transfers in.
It’s very sincere to spend half of it to buy Ronaldinho.
There was no reply from Paris Saint-Germain until the match with Real Madrid.
Never mind winning. Concentrate on preparing for the game against Real Madrid.